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Ryan Reynolds Remembers His Dad Going “you f–ks” While His Brothers Save Him From a “messy stabbing death” in the David Letterman’s Netflix Show

Growing up with brothers is the most chaotic experience. However, there is no other bond n the worlds that brothers share. And Ryan Reynolds is fortunate enough to share it with his three elder brothers. Being the first guest on the new David Letterman talk show. Ryan discussed his childhood in-depth with the legendary talk show host.

Ryan even shared a heartwarming, wholesome moment from his childhood when his brothers saved him from being murdered. And retells a story that even makes David Letterman gasp.

Let us see what happened in Ryan’s childhood that could have cost him his life.

Ryan Reynolds and his brothers saved him from getting killed

Reynolds, 45, is the first guest on season 4 of David Letterman’s smash Netflix talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. And we have an exclusive look at the moment he told one of his brothers that getting his ears pierced “would be a good idea, a cool thing” when he was approximately 12 years old.

Reynolds, who added that the pop group Wham! may have influenced his desire to have his ears pierced, said he informed his brother about the plan. And his brother immediately cautioned him that things with his father, James, may go ugly.

Reynolds remembers his brothers warning him, “there will be a messy stabbing death because Dad is going to take one of the utensils and stab you.” 

Regardless, The Adam Project actor claims he went forward with his plan.  And off he went to Sears with a buddy and his mother to get an earring pierced — “or wherever the hell you go” — but worry quickly set in.

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Ryan recalls being at the dinner table full of sweat and his face red with blood. And remembers feeling his father’s gaze on him. Ryan says his father muttered an obscenity beneath his breath something like “you f–ks.” 

But when Ryan lifted his head up he experienced “the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life.

The actor says, “and I look up and I look around and I see that all three of my brothers had gotten an earring to sorta save me.

“Oh my god,” Letterman gasps after hearing the compelling story. Indeed it is a heartwarming story that shows what a great life Ryan has lived.

Did you like the heroic story of Ryan’s brothers?

New-season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman will stream on Netflix.


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