Ryan Reynolds Can’t Get Enough of K-Pop! Actor Showcases His Version of ‘New Jeans’ and Fans Can’t Get Enough

Ryan Reynolds Can’t Get Enough of K-Pop! Actor Showcases His Version of ‘New Jeans’ and Fans Can’t Get Enough

Who isn’t aware of Ryan Reynolds’ adoration for K-Pop bands? While the Deadpool actor has frequently shared his admiration for Stray Kids, this time, he surprised the fandom by picking up on a new trend on TikTok. NewJeans, a girl bang from South Korea, released their new hit song, OMG. While the K-Pop fandom is going crazy over the song, it also hits the Free Guy actor. Let us see what Reynolds did do to surprise the fandom.

The Proposal actor has frequently surprised his fans by showcasing his affection for the K-Pop band, Stray Kids. Even the Stray Kids also love the Canadian-American actor so much that they declared Deadpool as their favorite Christmas film. Even the Reynolds fandom is also hoping to see Stray Kids contributing to Deadpool 3, this time, Reynolds creatively won hearts again.

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Ryan Reynolds can not get enough of the K-Pop bands

With melodious music and energetic dance moves, K-Pop bands are growing their fandom. Recently, as NewJeans released their new song, it instantly became a trend that reached the creative Canadian actor. While everyone was making their dance cover of the song, OMG, Reynolds made his own surprising edit. His company, Maximum Efforts, shared the clip on their Instagram account.

As they also saw this crossover on TikTok, fans initially thought it was a fan edit. However, as soon as they discovered it was the official account of the Marvel superhero actor, they went crazy. On this Instagram handle as well, fans are showing their love and appreciating the creativity of the actor.

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As the Wrexham AFC owner appeared wearing a Superman costume, fans remembered his Green Lantern and compared the costumes. Others just expressed their happiness as the post’s caption said, “Our mental health needed this (and a pair of NewJeans).” So, fans are posting positive reactions to this post. Let’s find out more about how the fandom is showering its love.

Well, while the world is going crazy for the Canadian actor, he is developing a huge admiration for K-Pop bands. Tell us if you are also a fan of NewJeans. Share your favorite K-Pop band and its songs with us in the comment box below.


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