Ryan Murphy’s new production for Netflix ‘The Watcher’

Ryan Murphy’s new production for Netflix ‘The Watcher’

Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming ‘The Watcher’ is on its way. What is The Watcher about? When will it release?

Ryan Murphy is one of the biggest creators on the streaming platform Netflix. He had signed exclusive productions with the platform due to this day. There are currently 9 known projects with Murphy’s involvement with The Watcher turning that number 10.

What’s the official synopsis of ‘The Watcher’?

“Follows a married couple who starts receiving horrifying letters from a creepy stalker, who’s kept them from moving into their dream house.”

The first season will consist of 7 episodes and they have been ordered with each being 1 hour in length. Ian Brennan will also be in the project in an executive producing role. Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan have teamed up many times over the years including Netflix’s Hollywood and Ratched on Halston and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Before that, the pair worked on productions as Glee and Scream Queens.

When will ‘The Watcher’ release on Netflix?

There hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the release date of an upcoming project. However, filming is set to start in the late summer of 2021. This means that the limited series is still far off from releasing on Netflix soon. Netflix has yet to confirm or officially announce the limited series.

When it comes to the cast members, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the cast members as well. Although no official members were announced, Diana Keaton has been mentioned for a role but it is just a rumor!

Here’s every Ryan Murphy project coming to Netflix over the next few years that have been announced.

  • The Politician (Season 1) – 2019
  • Circus of Books (Documentary) – 2020
  • A Secret Love (Documentary) – 2020
  • Hollywood (Limited Series) –  2020
  • The Politician (Season 2) – 2020
  • The Boys in the Band (Movie) – 2020
  • Ratched (Season 1) –  2020

We are very excited about the newest series created by Ryan Murphy! We will keep you updated for further information on the topic!

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