Russo Brothers will put “that p*rnstache on anyone,” it is not Chris Evans exclusive

Russo Brothers will put “that p*rnstache on anyone,” it is not Chris Evans exclusive

The latest film from Russo Brothers, The Gray Man starring Chris Evans has dropped on Netflix. It has been the locus of attention among everyone lately. The movie was an action-packed sequence of events with an amazing line of plot. With two of its biggest forces acting against it, one being the whopping budget and the other being the high expectations from the line of cast, the movie did exceedingly well for most of its viewers. Recently, the Russo brothers went on to answer some spicy questions from the nosy rookie jar. Let’s take a look at how it went.

Russo Brothers on Evans’ po*nshtache in the movie The Gray Man

The Russo Brothers who gave the p*rnstache to Chris Evans in the movie said they’d give it to anyone and not just Chris. One of the questions was about the weird but unique look of p*rnstache’d Chris Evans. The directors confessed they didn’t have anything as particular for any of the stars. “They’d give it to anyone and just keep it moving around like that ” they added.

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P*rnshtache is a peculiar kind of mustache cut that is still loved by the fans who see it and the actors who put it on. It is generally bushy and darker on the top with no associating facial hairs anywhere. Many film actors in the past were seen pulling off this 70s-style mustache such as Orange is the new black. The style actually originated and got quite famous through this show after it was dropped on Netflix in 2013.

Chris Evans quite literally saved the grace of the movie

This movie had been in the works for over 10 years after the original book came in 2007. With a lot of uncertain decisions, with Brad Pitt coming on twice but leaving the works, ideas of some gender swapping, and a lot more stuff, it really took it a decade to adapt it to a motion movie.

Even if it couldn’t fully stand up to the high expectations of the viewers for the above-said reasons, the movie was solid enough. Chris Evans with the p*rnshtache was great as a psychotic jerk and actually saved the grace of the movie. It was really fun to see Deadpool and Captain America having fun and good fighting. Watching Ryan gaslight Armas was hilarious and then killing people together was thrilling and intricate enough. Have you watched the film yet?

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