Royal Aides Look Into Reports Suggesting Harry and Meghan May Return to the Royal Fold but Netflix Holds the Key

Royal Aides Look Into Reports Suggesting Harry and Meghan May Return to the Royal Fold but Netflix Holds the Key

It was shocking for the entire nation and the royal family when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle denounced their royal titles and moved to California some two years ago. According to them, the royal family was uncaring and indifferent towards them. Ever since their departure, the brand of House of Windsor has taken quite a hit. But it seems the Sussexes have taken a bigger blow with their decision to move to America and build a media career. Does that mean they will return to the royal fold? 

Meghan and Harry entered a $100 deal with Netflix

Since their plans of building a media career aren’t going well, royal aides have reasons to believe that Meghan and Harry may return to the royal family. Netflix had roped in the couple for a grand deal valued at $100 million. But unfortunately, nothing has really materialized out of that deal in the last two years. Since the streamer incurred heavy losses at the beginning of the year, Pearl was one of the several projects that received the chop. However, it seems like a documentary on the couple is in the works. There are reports of them shooting with a crew at their home. But it still isn’t clear how well the documentary will fare. 

Additionally, they were also working with Spotify and Harry was working on a memoir. He had received a £16 check for that memoir. However, the book hasn’t reached the stands yet, nor is it listed in any pre-publication list.  

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The Sussexes to step foot in the Buckingham Palace after two years 

The Queen has decided to extend her generosity to the couple and their children despite the strong tensions in the royal household. They are to attend the platinum jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace. But considering how the Britons view the couple so poorly, the reactions to the Queen’s decision may not be so great.

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