Riverdale Season 5 Will Take A Big Break in the Middle of the Season

Riverdale Season 5 Will Take A Big Break in the Middle of the Season

Fans of Riverdale, get ready for the hit coming! We, unfortunately, can’t give you always good news. It seems The CW has confirmed that Riverdale Season 5 will take a big break in the middle of the season as they actually have planned earlier.

So, we had a huge reunion after waiting much longer than usual thanks to pandemic and production delays. And now, as we say ‘yeah, finally we got back together,’ another waiting has just popped in front of us unpleasantly. So, here is what we found out about that big break ahead of us and when will it be.

When will Riverdale season 5 take a midseason break?

Don’t get panic right away though. We still have some time till the hiatus. Season 5 has a few episodes more before it takes its break.

The CW has confirmed in a press release that the beloved and eagerly anticipated series will be leaving us again for a while but it didn’t announce any official date for the hiatus, though. So, it’s just up to our guesses for now it seems. If we consider that we are now in the sixth episode of Riverdale Season 5, we might expect another 4 episodes to air at least.

We also might assume Riverdale will take its break before April since The CW has also confirmed a new show, Kung Fu, would be premiering on Wednesday, April 7 with taking Riverdale’s timeslot. So this means the last episode before Riverdale Season 5 break needs to air on March 31.

How long will it take Riverdale Season 5 to come back?

I can hear you all grumbling in disappointment at getting apart all over again after waited so much. And we all started to wonder naturally when will it come back even before it takes the break. Even if we can only guess the break’s starting date, we actually know the date of the Riverdale season 5 midseason premiere. So we won’t be waiting blindly for months anyway, yay! At least that makes something, am I wrong?

Riverdale Season 5 seems to return with its new episode after the break ends on July 7, according to The CW‘s press release. That makes there will be no Riverdale for three months if our calculations are right. I’ve got really not much left to say about that…

When will Riverdale Season 5 land on Netflix?

So, it looks like this mid-break has some big effects for Riverdale Season 5 releasing on Netflix, anyways. The users from outside the US will be able to watch season 5 just a day after the hiatus ends.

On the other hand, for the US users of Netflix, season 5 will land on the platform eight days after the season finale airs on The CW. This also brings another question to our minds.

When will Riverdale season 5 finale air?

This actually depends on the episode number that season 5 includes. If we consider the series usually includes 20 or 22 episodes, Riverdale season 5 should end sometime in September. Of course, this is only a guess which also doesn’t include the possibility for the show taking another break on the road. In that case, it’ll be even later.

Will there be season 6 for Riverdale?

After this unpleasant apart news, we also want to remind you of a sweeten goodie. The CW has recently renewed the series for its season 6, as we all know.

But all of this makes us wonder whether this break affects season 6 to be pushed back to 2022 or not? I guess we’ll also have to wait to see that, too. So stay tuned as we share the latest news of Riverdale and more with you!

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