Revisit ‘Top Boy’ Season 1 Here Before You Stream Season 2 Now on Netflix

Revisit ‘Top Boy’ Season 1 Here Before You Stream Season 2 Now on Netflix

It’s gonna be chaos” and that’s exactly what Top Boy season 1 was. Whew, it was a roller coaster. The show opens with a murder mystery and a stripper, Hugo in the middle of all of it. At least that is the main crux of the Netflix show. Since the protagonist is a male stripper, the show had plenty of skin show! Since Top Boy Season 2 is slated for a release on March 18, it is the right time for a recap of the first season. 

What happens in the first season? 

Hugo, a male stripper walks out of prison after serving 7 years. He was found beside the burnt body of his client, Macarena’s husband, Philip. Seven long years later his case was reopened for investigation. As the investigators unpack the murder mystery, they are shocked at their discovery. The death was linked to a rivalry between the Rojas family and the Macarena family.  A further secret is unearthed – Andrea, Macarena’s son was raped 7 years ago.

The plot gets deeper and deeper when it is revealed that Mateo raped Andrea when he was a pre-teen. Alvaro Rojas came to know about it and beat up Mateo who hit him with a trophy that killed him. Philip walked in after the altercation. Since it won’t look good for Philip to be at Alvaro’s murder scene, he teamed up with Mateo. Additionally, he staged his own death to save his own skin. One would think that after this big reveal, everything would become better. But then Triana, Hugo’s lawyer, was killed in an explosion at the Inferno. She was partying with Hugo and his other friends when the explosion happened. 

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What can you expect from Top Boy season 2?

After the events of season 1 Top Boy season, 2 may reveal who killed Triana. Our bets are on the Irishman who orchestrated the whole thing for Hugo. However, Triana was killed accidentally. Rojas or even Inspector Zapata may also have a hand in it since they joined hands at the end of the season. The second season may also tell us the people that were involved in framing Hugo. 

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