Resurfaced Snapshots From Henry Cavill’s 2001 Movie Put Fans in Awe – “aaaaaaa my baby Witcher”

Resurfaced Snapshots From Henry Cavill’s 2001 Movie Put Fans in Awe – “aaaaaaa my baby Witcher”

Henry Cavill as Superman or The Witcher are such iconic performances that we forget he has been acting since the start of this century and has done various roles along the way. Henry has had a pretty long career with him finding immense fame in the later part of his life. But now the fans love him they can’t get enough of him.

The internet is always filled with unseen pictures of a young Henry, having incredibly good looks. But a new picture shows The Witcher actor in an old movie that he did and fans have just lost it over it.

Fans cannot get enough of young Henry Cavill

We all know how Henry is one of the most good-looking actors around, his second most handsome man title confirms it. But what many did not know is that Henry has always been charming even in the 2001 movie Vendetta. Henry plays the role of Thomas Aprea in the movie.

The film remained under the radar upon its release and did not manage to give young Henry the kind of stardom he would have wanted. However now after gaining huge success fans have re-discovered this gem and are falling completely head over heels for young Henry. They have been showing their love for him endlessly om Twitter.

Here are some of the best reactions.

It is safe to say that 2001 Henry has certainly caused an uproar on Twitter, at least among hardcore Henry Cavill fans. If you are wondering what the film is about do not worry. It is about Thomas who after his parents are killed in a mafia-planned attack, Thomas is raised by his uncle in New York and brought to Italy as an adult.

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While his tormented history and his parents’ deaths return to haunt him, he finds himself more drawn to Thelma, his uncle’s mystery wife. Thomas will soon discover the truth about his parents’ deaths and unleash monstrous revenge.

We will be seeing Henry soon in the sequel of Enola Holmes and the third season of The Witcher both releasing soon on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the young picture of Henry Cavill? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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