Remember the Time Millie Bobby Brown Had a Fan Girl Moment with Dakota Fanning During the 2018 SAG Awards?

Remember the Time Millie Bobby Brown Had a Fan Girl Moment with Dakota Fanning During the 2018 SAG Awards?

While every celebrity has their own following, it’s extra special to see them having a fan moment with another celebrity. For Millie Bobby Brown, that moment came upon seeing her senior Dakota Fanning. While they have never worked together, the actresses came across each other during the 2018 SAG Awards.

Celebrities are usually taught to keep a high head in public, and Brown does the work pretty well. But the bubbly actress could not hold back when she saw her favorite celebrity appearing.

How an excited Millie Bobby Brown had a fan moment with Dakota Fanning

Millie Bobby Brown may have grown up in the limelight, but the teen in her often pops up. The actress appeared during the 2018 SAG Awards with all cameras pointing at her. But as per Her, her attention was quickly grabbed by the Uptown Girl actress. Both the actresses seemed star-struck to see each other, as Brown gasped. The two then had a small conversation as they held hands and checked each other out. Both the girls were part of the event. While Fanning was the Award presenter, the Stranger Things star was nominated for her role in the second season of Netflix’s sci-fi show.

Both the powerful female leads dressed up in different shades of pink. Brown wore a baby pink Calvin Klein dress in sneakers, hoping to win the award for Best Actress in the Outstanding Performance category. On the other hand, Fanning looked elegant in a blush pink gown with her hair tied in a bun.

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In some ways, both the actress’ have had a similar journey, from being child stars to being raised around the glamor of Hollywood.

How both the actresses have had a similar acting journey

At eight years old, Dakota Fanning became the youngest nominee in the SAG Awards history. Her first big role was playing Lucy Dawson in I Am Sam, which won her widespread appreciation and recognition.

On the other hand, Brown bagged two Primetime Emmy Awards nominations for her first role as Eleven in Stranger Things. Brown and Fanning not only found success at a young age but also started their own production companies, PCMA Productions and Lewellen Pictures, respectively.

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