Regina King Stealing the Spotlight as Trudy Smith in the Harder They Fall

Regina King Stealing the Spotlight as Trudy Smith in the Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall on Netflix has really impressed every single person who has watched it and indeed is one of the most amazing movies to have come out this year. A visionary director, absolutely amazing actors, and great music; along with a studio that gives all the freedom in the world to the people, this movie was bound to be great. But of all people, there is one woman who has caught everyone’s eye; Regina King, who plays the role of Trudy Smith, has really stolen the spotlight.

Regina King in The Harder They Fall

Representation was something that the director Jeymes Samuel had in his mind since the beginning. Samuel made this movie to show that women and people of color were not secondary to white males. The Oscar-winning actress seemed to be an appropriate choice to play the role of a woman; who is definitely in charge.

King was never expected to star in a Western, the actress herself never liked the genre. But it all changed when the director Jeymes made his pitch to her. While talking to Variety she said, “I sat down and had a FaceTime with him, and by the time we got off that FaceTime, I was like, ‘Man could probably have talked me into doing anything.”

The character of Trudy Smith

Ghastly Gertrude Smith or Treacherous Trudy is a really exciting character to watch in the Netflix movie. King herself had great fun playing this woman who, according to her, “is definitely running something”. She never wanted to be a baddie that the audience just plainly dislikes or couldn’t stand; she took the role as a challenge and clearly she has won it, cause we clearly love Trudy Smith.

King explained how the Rufus Buck Gang operates, and how it was all about creating a community. A Black community that was self-sufficient, and didn’t need anyone else’s resources.

How was it to work on The Harder They Fall?

As an action film is something that Regina King had always wanted to do, The Harder They Fall gave her the perfect opportunity to do that. Trudy is involved in many action scenes in the movie, and she even has one straight-up fight scene which the actress enjoyed a lot.

King said, “I am really proud of what we did, My body is proud of it.”

The biggest thing for her, however, is that they managed to complete the film during a pandemic. You have got to admit that it was not a good time for anyone, and the fact that we got this movie out of it is a really big positive.

You can stream The Harder They Fall on Netflix now.

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