Pieces of Her Fans Are Stuck to This Scene – Here’s Why

Pieces of Her Fans Are Stuck to This Scene – Here’s Why

Pieces of Her was recently released on Netflix. After watching a short clip from the first episode, our minds became upside down within a few minutes. Can you guess the scene from the show?

The show is an American thriller crimes drama series, inspired by the novel of the same name by Karin Slaughter. The show premiered on Netflix on March 4th, 2022, starring Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote, in an eight-episode series.

It has been trending and also made its way to the list of streamers’ Top 10 ranking. The plot explores Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, a single mother living in the suburbs along with her daughter, happily. But little did her daughter, Andy knew, that her mother has a dark past. Laura has left her past behind and tries to live a peaceful life.

Now, let’s talk about that scene on which fans are fixed upon?

A life-changing scene from Pieces of Her

Laura and Andy are living peacefully in the suburb. But one violent incident has changed their life and forced them on the run from an enemy of Laura. Her past gradually creeps into the light.

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As fans of the television show, we fixated on a particular scene. Can you guess which scene is that?

Yes, you are right, the violent scene from episode one of the show has turned our world upside down.

The show started with some good vibes when a mother-daughter duo went to the restaurant to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Suddenly, a gunman shoots furiously. Automatically, a merry scene grows into a violent one, when the mother, Laura, slits the throat of the gunman with a knife.

It shocked viewers how a simple mother of a suburb turns into a killer. One viewer has tweeted with a caption of, “Jesus F**ing Christ. That opening… was the most stressful scene of my life.”

Another viewer commented on Twitter, “I went into the Netflix show “pieces of her” without even looking at the trailer because it was number 1. it’s been like 10 minutes and this show just SLAPPED me.”

Another fan of Pieces of Her, tweeted, “Anyone looking to watch “Pieces of Her” on @netflix, the first 10 minutes of the series are extremely difficult and feature seriously grotesque images. I’m usually indifferent about content warnings, but this definitely needed something.”

The next person wrote that he has palpitations from the scene.

Did you watch Pieces of Her yet? If yes, let us know in the comment section how you felt watching the scene.


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