Pedal to Metal: A Mexican Action Drama Which Gives You Fast and Furious Vibes- Check Cast, Synopsis, Release Date and More

Pedal to Metal: A Mexican Action Drama Which Gives You Fast and Furious Vibes- Check Cast, Synopsis, Release Date and More

Netflix is adding another action-drama series to its library. They packed Pedal to Metal with action scenes, with a focus on good old-fashioned illegal street racing.

Pedal to Metal is a Mexican action-drama television series that explores two friends, Kiki and Noche, fleeing to Mexico City to build a new life. But little did they know their past will not leave them behind. It will haunt until there will be justice. This television series will give you Fast and Furious vibes, with motorbike racing, while gunmen are following the hero.

Let’s find out more about the film.

When is Pedal to Metal coming on Netflix?

Pedal to Metal is coming is already up on the streaming giant from March 16th, 2022, with ten episodes.

Who all are there in the television series?

Pedal to Metal on Netflix, stars Benny Emmanuel and Renata Vaca. The other cast involves Andrés Delgado, Sylvia Pasquel, Gerardo Taracena, Silverio Palacios, David Montalvo and Tania Niebla.

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Is there a trailer for Netflix’s Pedal to Metal?

Unfortunately, this is the only show which does not have any trailer or teaser on YouTube. Even Netflix didn’t upload any trailer, even as the show is already up on the streaming giant. So, if you are interested in watching some old-school illegal car racing, watch the television series by yourself.

Don’t wait for any trailer.

What will happen in Netflix’s Pedal to Metal?

Kike Guerrero and Noche was a mechanic, who used race cars illegally. But during a car race, an accident happens, which results in the death of his competitor. Out of fear, they flee from Mexico City to Monterrey, telling nobody. In Mexico City, they found Kiki’s uncle, who used to steal cars and race. But now, he runs a church and auto shop in the “Torque” neighborhood. After living some days in hiding, Kiki’s uncle put the boys back into the car business. Kiki and Noche again started their illegal business in car-racing, illegally. In a garage for stolen cart part stores and auto shops, Kike Guerrero and Noche found their heaven. But will he take his rightful place as the heir to his family’s criminal enterprise? Or Kike’s past will haunt him forever?

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