Ozark Season 4 Seems Still Have Their Beloved Character Anyway

Ozark Season 4 Seems Still Have Their Beloved Character Anyway

While OZARK season four is currently filming in the USA, FBI Agent Maya Miller seems she’s back and about to complicate things for Marty and Wendy Byrde. The Ozark star Jessica Frances Dukes revealed that she is back and filming and definitely getting ready to throw into the thick of things.

There had been some questions for Dukes‘s future in Ozark season 4 because she was big with a child and her birth was just weeks before season 4. So it was also expected for her to be replaced for maternity leave if she were to give birth during making progress with Marty. But it turns out not much will change since she posted a snap from the set of Ozark.

Question Marks For Maya

In Ozark season 3, Jessica Frances Dukes’ Maya made quite an impression when she walked into Marty Bryde‘s life. She also made it pretty clear that she is not a person to be messed with. Her task as an FBI agent was to dig in Marty and Wendy’s enterprise of money laundering for the Navarro Cartel. But on the other hand, Maya and Marty’s relation came out to be a dysfunctional one towards season 4.

As they both try to pull each other into their sides,  Marty became the successful one. He was the one that convinced Maya to turn for the cartel’s benefit after Maya forced him a deal with the FBI and failed. So fans were left with lots of question marks on their minds at the third season final of Ozark, whether what would happen Maya’s role and the fate of both Maya and Marty on next season as well. But thanks to Dukes, now one of the questions has been solved finally.

So she is still in Ozark

While sitting in her dressing room, Ozark star Jessica Frances Dukes revealed she was giving herself a pep-talk to get ready for a tough moment with Marty on the set. And of course, hundreds of Ozark fans immediately commented with thrill to her post and showed her their excitement. Also, a former star among the fans who seem excited, as well, draw attention with a comment saying:

“How’d it go. Very familiar. Then the silence. Where it all begins,” wrote Trevor Long and apparently memorialized his old days on the show. He played Cade Langmore until he dies in season 2, as you remember.

Speculations for Ozark season 4

So, one of the questions above from Ozark season 4 might have got its answers, but it also brings new ones along with it. What should we expect from Maya in season 4 now? The last time we saw her, she seemed pissed at Marty’s plans. But Marty also had convinced her to switch allegiances as well. He also undermined her to FBI bosses to supply them with critical intel linked to rival Lagunas Cartel and other crimes. And Maya thought it was unethical to do her job while Marty was trying to take attention away from him, so she gave up.

But this ended as Maya being threatened and pulled from the case to the boring desk job away from the field. So, maybe Marty could have managed to keep Maya close somehow, but their tumultuous relation’s destination still seems to remain unknown as we get closer to Ozark season 4. We’ll see more about that hopefully in the upcoming season.

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    March 12, 2021 at 11:35 am

    I love, Love Ozark! Just got through rewatching all the seasons again ! Waiting for Season 4!

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