Ozark Season 4: How are Ruth and Wyatt Related? Everything You Need to Know

Ozark Season 4: How are Ruth and Wyatt Related? Everything You Need to Know

After Ozark season 4 hit Netflix on January 21st, 2022, the show has received a lot of positive critical reviews.

So far in season 4, we saw that the Byrde family continues with their criminal activities. While Omar tries to get out of the criminal life by joining hands with the FBI, he ended up landing in big trouble instead. The result of the mess was Javier going on a killing spree and murdering Wyatt and Darlene. Part 1 closes with Ruth discovering both their dead bodies. Thus, in the next part, we will likely witness Ruth avenging their deaths.

Now, as we eagerly wait for part 2 of season 4, fans are wondering if Ruth and Wyatt are related to each other.

How are Ruth and Wyatt related?

Ruth and Wyatt are related to each other. That’s why she was devastated upon finding Wyatt murdered. However, as close as they maybe, the two are not siblings. let’s see how these two characters are related.

Cade Langmore, one of the former chief antagonists in Ozark, is Ruth’s father. Cade has two more brothers: Russ and Boyd, played by Marc Menchaca and Christopher James Baker, respectively. Now, Russ Langmore has two boys, Wyatt and Three.

This makes Wyatt and Ruth first cousins. And as was obvious in the series, the two were pretty close to each other. However, Ruth decides to assassinate Russ and Boyd to protect the Byrdes. After learning about Ruth’s betrayal towards her family, Wyatt keeps his distance from her in Season 2 of Ozark. But, the pair of cousins reconciled in season 3.

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Ruth and Wyatt in Ozark Season 4

In Ozark season 4, Ruth and Wyatt even started their own business, and eventually, the pair of cousins become close to each other once again.

However, due to Wyatt’s absence, Ruth’s money laundering and heroin business were not working, which she was operating from the motel. Later, she discovered Wyatt’s dead body and asks Byrdes about the murdered. But the Byrde kept their mouth shut, manly to protect her and their interests. However, Ruth eventually figures out it is none other than Javier. So, in the next part of season 4, we will see Ruth avenging her cousin’s death.

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