Outlander season 6 release date and photos from the production

Outlander season 6 release date and photos from the production

Outlander season 6 release date and photos from the set are revealed. The sixth season of the series is in the works and will arrive in 2022.

The sixth installment of the drama series is in production. We now know that the new season is in the works and the filming has officially begun. The producer of the show and the cast talked about the process of production and how the filming is going.

Like many other series and movies, Outlander season 6 also received delays because of the pandemic-related restrictions. The pandemic has not only prevented the production but also caused the sixth season to have fewer episodes. Even though the next season is on its way, it will come with 8 episodes, unlike the previous seasons which had 12.

Also, the fans of the series should not worry as Outlander season 6 will offer the maximum amount of drama. The showrunner and the executive producer of Outlander, Matthew B. Roberts also stated that Outlander season 7 will have more episodes to compensate for season 6. He also said that the seventh installment of the show will come with 16 episodes, which is great to hear. So what is the Outlander season 6 release date?

When will Outlander season 6 release?

Although the filming of the new season began this year, it took longer than usual to finish and the production had some delays. Regardless, we know that it is wrapped now and it will be ready to arrive in 2022. We might even watch the new episodes of Outlander in the first quarter of the next year.

We should also state that the first episode of the new season will be 90 minutes long, which is amazing. In addition to the premiere date, we know that Outlander 6 is going to be actually an adaptation of A Breath of Snow and Ashes novel as well.

When will Outlander season 6 come to Netflix?

We know that the premiere date of the sixth season is early 2022. That is of course the premiere date for Starz. The streaming giant Netflix will probably get to stream the new season after a really long time. Outlander season 5 is still not available on Netflix US. Although the title is available in 36 countries, viewers living in only a couple of countries get to watch the five-season.s This, of course, is related to distribution rights and the legal process.

Outlander season 5 release date on Netflix might be soon. But the subscribers of Netflix will have to wait at least a year to watch Outlander season 6 on the popular streaming platform.

Outlander season 6 release date and photos from the production

Who will be in the Outlander season 6 cast?

The leading actors and actresses of the series, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will of course return in the next season as Claire Frasier and Jamie Frasier. A couple of new names will be joining the cast of the series.

  • Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randalll
  • Cesar Domboy as Fergus Fraser
  • Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser
  • Lauren Lyle as Marsali MacKimmie
  • John Bell as Ian Fraser Murray
  • Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron 

Outlander season 6 trailer and photos

Although an official trailer has not landed on YouTube, we have photos from the new season. Outlander_starz Instagram account also shared a video of two actors discussing their characters.

On the same Instagram account, you can see the first photos coming from Outlander season 6. The post announcing that the episodes wrap this week also revealed a couple of photos from the upcoming season. Here are some of them including familiar faces and some new characters.

Outlander season 6 release date and photos from the production
Outlander Season 6

Outlander season 6 synopsis

Starz announced the synopsis for the sixth season of Outlander. Jamie and Claire will their path filled with hardships and struggles as they try to establish a home in North Carolina. Besides the ongoing struggles, the American Revolution is also right at the door. The Frasers have to protect their home during these harsh times.

Claire’s personal journey is also going to continue after what she has been through in the fifth season. The horrible event that happened to her will definitely scar the character and how she perceives life.

Well, here’s everything to know about the Outlander season 6 release date. Fans of the show will probably have to wait for a long time before watching the new episodes on Netflix.

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