Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date and What We Know So Far

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date and What We Know So Far

What do we know about the Outer Banks Season 2 release date? Is the filming complete and when is the new season coming out?

Outer Banks has landed on Netflix back in April 2020 and got renewal after the first season’s premiere. Season 2 of the crime drama series will continue with Sarah and John B’s trip to the Bahamas. We also know that the filming process was not over until April 2021.

Outer Banks season 2 release date

Netflix has not officially revealed the Outer Banks Season 2 release date yet. But the new season will probably be available in September 2021. We also got the chance to see behind the scenes of the show thanks to the social media accounts of the cast.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date and What We Know So Far
Outer Banks cast – Credit: Outer Banks Instagram

What is the synopsis of Outer Banks?

The series tells about a band of teenagers called Pogues. These teens from North Carolina are in the search of a member’s lost father along with a treasure tied to him. Pogues embark on a journey throughout the world of friendship, money, love, hatred, and constant fighting. They also have an enemy called Kooks in addition to law forces.

Here’s the official synopsis of Outer Banks:

“On an island of haves and have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance.”

Outer Banks season 2 cast will introduce new characters 

A girl from Nassau named Cleo will be on the second season. We know that very talented Carlacia Grant will give breath to Cleo. But there are no other details about the new character.

There will be another new face in addition to Cleo. Elizabeth Mitchell who also starred in Lost, Frequency, and Once Upon a Time, will play as a native from Charleston. The name of the character is Limbrey. And from the details, we only know that she is a smart and menacing woman.

Outer Banks actors and actresses talk about the new season

Another detail about season 2 is about how it will start. Actress Madelyn Cline said that there will be a small-time jump. She also stated her excitement when she turned the page of the script. “I was shocked and my mind went a thousand miles in seconds” she added.

Chase Stokes appreciated the effort of the cast and the crew. He believes that the second season of the series strengthens the feeling of reliability. The actor also added that the story has gained depth. So people will find lots of chances to resonate with the second season. 

While the ongoing excitement for season 2 is growing every day, there are lots of rumors lurking around the internet. Some fans of the show think that the plane to the Bahamas will probably crash on the way. Whereas others want John B to find his mother during his search.

Outer Banks season 1 was really successful and managed to get a good score from the viewers. And when that happens, the streaming giant shares new content about the show. Here’s a video of Outer Banks behind the scenes from season one.

Outer Banks copyright infringement lawsuit

On the other hand, Netflix hasn’t made any announcements about the lawsuit which we heard a year ago. An English teacher from North Carolina filed a lawsuit against Outer Banks. The teacher Kevin Wooten stated that the creators of the show stole his work, which was released back in 2016.

According to the details, the ‘allegedly original work’ is named Pennywise: The Hunt For Blackbeard’s Treasure. Kevin Wooten believes that the plot follows the same pattern and basically tells the same story. Therefore he decided to file a copyright infringement lawsuit. 

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