One Of Us Is Lying Ending EXPLAINED – Whodunit?

One Of Us Is Lying Ending EXPLAINED – Whodunit?

One of Us Is Lying, based on Karen M. McManus’ 2017 suspense novel, does a good job of encapsulating the mystery into eight binge-worthy episodes. It is an investigated teen thriller that follows four students at Bayview High School. They are prime suspects in the murder of a classmate who died of anaphylactic shock, while all five of them are detained on the first day of school after summer vacation. What follows is a criminal investigation into the murder, during which these four students form the Murder Club in order to investigate their classmate’s death and prove their innocence in order to save their future. So, let’s figure out who murdered Simon Kelleher and why.

One of Us Is Lying Plot Summary

Simon Kelleher, through his self-designed app “About That,” drops a gossip bomb on the first day of school, just after the summer holidays. He is an outcast genius of Bayview who dares to accept his true persona, and for the same reason, he despises his classmates who have secrets they never share. As a result, he swears to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. Last year, Simon leaked photos that led to the expulsion of half of the basketball team. This year, he has targeted four of Bayview’s worst offenders, including A-list topper Bronwyn Rojas, a famous cheerleader, Adelaide “Addy” Prentiss, a gifted baseball pitcher, Cooper Clay, and a drug-peddler, Nathaniel “Nate” Macauley.

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Ms. Avery, their AP Physics teacher, assigns Simon and four other students to detention in an obvious Breakfast Club inspired setup. Addy, Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper are among the four, each for different reasons. During his detention, Simon drinks water from a paper cup and dies from anaphylactic shock caused by his peanut allergy. Detective Wheeler, the investigating officer, suspects that one of the detainees poisoned Simon’s drink with peanut oil while also removing EpiPens from his bag and the school infirmary, resulting in his death.

One of Us Is Lying Season 1: Ending Explained

So, what happened to Simon? His plan was to almost die and then be revived by someone with an extra EpiPen. He had a severe peanut allergy and knew he could cause it to erupt and frighten everyone in the room. However, he had planned this sick prank with Jake, and Jake had removed the EpiPens from the nurse’s office, partly to cover up his own involvement but also to exact revenge on Addy for cheating on him. Simon had contaminated his own water with peanut oil, but he had also brought a large supply of life-saving EpiPens. He had no intention of killing himself.

Jake then murdered Simon and took over his blog after he died. The Bayview Four eventually piece the puzzle together and realise Jake was Simon’s accomplice, but when they try to steal Simon’s Xbox, which Jake had taken after his death because it contained damning evidence against him, he pulls a gun on them. Following a scuffle, one of the Bayview Four shot Jake, and they all covered up what happened to him.

Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying is in the works

One Of Us Is Lying concludes with the remaining three receiving texts. Threatening each of them to reveal what they did to Jake, a clear setup for season 2. In addition, Netflix recently announced that the crime thriller series created by Erica Saleh will be renewed.

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