Newly Released Season 2 of This Emmy Nominated Netflix Show Bags a 100% Rating On Tomatometer

Newly Released Season 2 of This Emmy Nominated Netflix Show Bags a 100% Rating On Tomatometer

Winning Emmy is an achievement but getting a 100% certified score on the Tomatometer is another! Very few shows have managed to achieve such a feat, notably Fleabag, Veep, The Good Place, and more. And now Russian Doll season 2 on Netflix has joined the ranks. Executive producer, Natasha Lyonne also stars in the titular role as Nadia tweeted about the show achieving a 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.    

Russian Doll season 2 is all about time travel 

The first season dealt with a time loop. We saw poor Nadia meet with an accident on her 36th birthday and get resurrected every time she dies. She is forced to live the same day all over again mostly in Groundhog Day style. Exasperated with her situation and searching for a way to stop dying repeatedly, she meets Alan. And they both embark on some misadventures. They did end up closing the time loop, but unlike what the fans expected, Russian Doll season 2 will not delve into the multiverse. 

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No, because this time, the duo will flirt with the idea of time travel. 

We had definitely been playing with a lot of different ideas, but ultimately really wanted to stick with character journey. Rather than doing all this backwards exposition to tie together the intervening three and a half years, the idea is, whatever iteration of it it is, Alpha Nadia and Alpha Alan are here and now, being faced with the question of, now that I’m not dying, how do I start living? When you strip away the fat of a lot of this high-concept sci-fi stuff, that really is at the heart of the question from a character standpoint this year,” explained Natasha. 

If you haven’t guessed yet from the Netflix trailer, the NYC Subway station will serve as a portal. Nadia will travel back to her year of birth, 1982. Set four years after the original events of season 1, the story will take place between New York and Budapest. Nadia will race through time to solve the puzzle about a missing family heirloom. 

When will Russian Doll premiere on Netflix?

The show premieres on April 20th. It will have seven episodes in total.

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