New Marmaduke Trailer Reveals Pete Davidson as the Loveable Large-Hearted Great Daane

New Marmaduke Trailer Reveals Pete Davidson as the Loveable Large-Hearted Great Daane

Netflix always loves to work with actors they have with before. Look at Chris Hemsworth, Maya Erskine, and Anna Konkle all of who have been in multiple Netflix projects. And now it looks like actor-comedian Pete Davidson is about to join the ranks of Netflix favorites.

Netflix recently released the trailer of its newest film with Pete. The film is an adaptation of a beloved comic strip that we all love. Let’s take a look at what the film holds.

Pete Davidson in Marmaduke by Netflix

A trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Marmaduke film has been released. Pete Davidson portrays the well-known comics character.
Marmaduke attempts to enter the Westminster dog show in the animated film, but he keeps getting himself into trouble. As if that weren’t enough, the puppy is up against some stiff competition.

Zeus, played by J.K. Simmons, is Marmaduke’s strong competitor. It’ll be fascinating to observe how Davidson reacts to Simmons’ humorous approach. In fact, this film features a plethora of outstanding voice talent. The Office’s David Koechner, Jason Anthony, and Shelby Young will all be present.

The teaser stresses Marmaduke’s reputation as a troublemaker. The family dog goes viral after a barbecue-destroying cannonball, making the local press the most untrainable dog ever.

This catches the attention of a well-known dog whisperer, who attempts to introduce Marmaduke to the world of top show dogs. It’s not simple to transform a naturally awkward and playful Great Dane into a prim and proper champion.

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He overeats to the point that his farts gas in an entire park, knock down everything in his path, and cause unbelievable, house-flooding messes. Debbie, Marmaduke’s matriarch, puts it best when she says, “Some dogs are meant to be champions. Some dogs are meant to be… dogs.”

Watch the trailer here.

When is the film releasing?

People will be able to see the fun and goofy Marmaduke in action from May 6 when it starts streaming on Netflix. This is not the first time the famous comic strip by Brad Anderson. In 2010 Owen Wilson starred in a live-action adaptation of the film that was not received well by critics.

But it will be fun to see how Netflix approaches the story.

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