New Google Chrome Extension Adds X-Ray Features to Netflix

New Google Chrome Extension Adds X-Ray Features to Netflix

Until now, we couldn’t see more information on Netflix contents’ such as their cast, trivia, or more. This X-Ray feature was actually one of Amazon Prime‘s useful tools that have been providing only with adding the functionality of showing off IMDb’s information of any select title. And thanks to the new Google Chrome extension, some of the Amazon Prime Video‘s X-Ray features are now being added to Netflix as well.

Back in 2012, Amazon was the first to provide this X-Ray for movies and above most of its competitors. And the new Chrome extension is currently available for desktops only for now. It gives us a chance to see how Amazon Prime Video‘s X-Ray feature might look like on Netflix, but there are still some lacks though. The extension only provides a handful of actors’  appearances from the show or movie, while Amazon Prime Video is doing it on a scene-by-scene basis. But on the other hand, it also provides soundtracks of some big titles, too.

With Netflix X-Ray, you will be able to see the actors’ other works by clicking on any of them. And you will also see each movie’s or series’ information including its trailers, review scores, and descriptions by just clicking on the title. Furthermore, it is taking its streaming lineup from Google. But still, we can not also say that the extension indicates the other available titles on Netflix easily just yet.

New Google Chrome Extension

On Prime Videos, its X-Ray identifies actors, and in some of our movies and series along with the characters, which is similar to Netflix X-Ray. So, this means we don’t have to wonder any longer about the actors that seem so familiar to us. We are now able to find out easily about where we possibly know them from and more. Netflix X-Ray is also helping us to learn more about the songs, that we don’t know, playing on the show. So, we will be able to find them instantly and add our playlists as well!

You have the same option on Amazon Prime Video as well but also can go to the exact scene where the song is being played, unlike Netflix’s X-Ray. Chrome’s new extension doesn’t seem to provide that much option, at least for now.

On the other hand, Netflix’s X-Ray doesn’t include Prime Video‘s trivia feature which places interesting trivia at specific time points in the movie or series for customers while they watch. But just like Prime Video‘s bonus content features, you can get songs, movies, tv shows, trailers, synopsis, streaming info, photo galleries, and more about your favorite actors with the new Google extension for Netflix. And you won’t have to disrupt your viewing experience anymore to check your phone by pausing the show as well.

Netflix X-Ray, developed by Red Labs.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to hear about the new Netflix X-Ray expansion. It seems it will make our watching experiences way better, even if it still has some lacks compared to Amazon Prime Video X-Ray.

You can reach out to the extension from here if you want to give it a try. Let us also know what do you think about it and your experiences after you try as well!

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