Does Sadie Sink Have a Lucas Of Her Own?

Does Sadie Sink Have a Lucas Of Her Own?

Sadie Sink has skyrocketed in popularity. In addition to that, her success in the Fear Street Trilogy also fetched her fame way before she was cast as Max. Recently, the star made the headlines for starring in a short film by Taylor Swift alongside Dylan O’Brien. Hence, the mounting interest of the public in her personal life has also started creating a buzz. 

People have started to take a closer look at the star’s lifestyle and way of living. Adding to it, her dating life also has come under a lot of speculation by the media. Although the 20-year-old star has remained quite tight-lipped about the same, we have filtered the internet that helped us narrow down the conclusions. Read further to know more about Sadie Sink and her dating life. 

Is Sadie Sink in a relationship at present?

Sink has never really confirmed her dating status with any of her friends or acquaintances. Hence, from her front, she claims to be currently single. Fans previously got crazy upon hearing spicy gossip between her and her co-star Caleb McLaughlin, whom her character Max dated. However, there have been a few rumors about her real life that suggest otherwise. 

According to Elle magazine, Sadie was paired with Joe Alwyn’s brother, Patrick. This came as a result of the two stars being clicked while walking down the streets of New York together. This caused a mild stir in social media as Patrick’s elder brother is actually dating Taylor Swift. Therefore, her starring in a Taylor film gave rise to some major speculations about her and Patrick.

However, there had been no public pictures revolving around the two. Hence, it was nothing but just some acquaintances walking together. In the past, the actress has been repeatedly linked to her Stranger Things cast stars including Finn Wolfhard, as mentioned Caleb McLaughlin, and even Noah Schnapp. Nevertheless, they are nothing but just close friends with Sadie. 

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What are your thoughts about Sadie Sink’s dating rumors? Whom do you want to see Sadie with? We are all ears!

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