With Henry Cavill Owning the Custody of Superman, Will the Future of DC Be in a Mess?

With Henry Cavill Owning the Custody of Superman, Will the Future of DC Be in a Mess?

After a series of rumors and news circling around his return, Henry Cavill finally made his much-awaited comeback as the Man of Steel. Cavill donned his Kryptonian suit for DC Extended Universe film Black Adam in a cameo scene. He returned after nearly 5 years and the fans are still in awe of seeing the actor as Superman again. And now, the Enola Holmes star has momentum, making things even for exciting for the DC fandom. While undoubtedly Cavill’s return has opened up a lot of possibilities for the franchise, it also brings up some complexities with it.

The name Superman has become synonymous with Henry Cavill. Time and again, the British actor has proved why he is the best to do it. Ever since the British actor put on Kryptonian suit again for Black Adam, everyone can’t help but talk about it. Not just the fans, but even Cavill has become very vocal about his future plans with the Man of Steel. And recently, the actor made some interesting revelations that might be a hindrance to the future plans of the DCEU.

Henry Cavill, as the custodian of Superman, comes with some complexities

Cavill has put in a lot of efforts to blend into his role as Superman. Recently, during a promotional event for Enola Holmes 2, the actor spoke about his experience of becoming Superman again. “I think the most important thing for any of this, [for] anyone who needs to don the cape to be the custodian of a character like this. It’s my honor, my privilege to be that and it’s my duty to make sure that I do [the audience] justice as the custodian of the character,said the actor.

Since Cavill spoke about him being the sole custodian of the character and if it is a possibility, it might put future DC plans into a disarray. If the studio moves forward with the idea of Cavill as the sole custodian for Superman, it will put a stop to two future possible DC films, namely: a Superman project featuring JJ Abrams and a possible Black Superman movie by Nehisi Coates.

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The two Superman related projects have been in development for quite some time now. If Cavill, being the sole custodian, is true, the other two projects would become meaningless.

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