“I can hold my own..”- Millie Bobby Brown Reveals One Relationship Red Flag to Look For

“I can hold my own..”- Millie Bobby Brown Reveals One Relationship Red Flag to Look For

Millie Bobby Brown reveals her major dating red flag. The 18-year-old actress is one of the most successful pop culture icons in today’s time. Know not only about her acting skills but also about her bubbly and outspoken personality. Giving more interviews than ever, fans learn more about her personal life.

Her role as Eleven became the breakthrough of her career. The actress was only thirteen when she bagged the series, playing a runaway victim of a lab experiment. But through time, not only did her on-screen character develop, but so did her real-life persona. The teen is now in her prime, enjoying her dating life. In a chat with Drew Barrymore, the star revealed her red flags for dating and more.

Millie Bobby Brown reveals her dating red flags, and it is quite unusual

Drew Barrymore updated the latest video of her and the Enola Holmes actress. During their chat, she asked her what her relationship red flag was. The actress revealed that her dating red flag is guys who hold women’s umbrellas. “I can hold my own,” said the independent and fierce woman. Barrymore screamed at her answer in excitement, saying, “I did not expect that.”

She also shared her own experience of a date wherein a guy asked her to lose a hat because the place they were heading to had a dress code. Brown agreed with her and said she would have left if someone did that to her.

Drew Barrymore confessed that this is the reason she loves the Stranger Things actress so much. Both of them have a lot of similarities, after all. They grew up in the limelight from an early age and faced criticism over the smallest of things, forcing them to grow up early. While Barrymore remains a sweetheart for the 90s teens, Brown is the current pop culture icon.

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As for the British actress, she is happily dating Jake Bongiovi, the son of singer Jon Bon Jovi. The two have made their relationship official while enjoying PDA. On the other hand, Brown’s career is taking off as her new movie Enola Holmes 2 has been released. What did you think of Millie Bobby Brown’s relationship red flag, and what is yours? Let us know in the comments.

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