Why ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Matthew Modine Felt the “desire to protect” Co-Star Millie Bobby Brown

Why ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Matthew Modine Felt the “desire to protect” Co-Star Millie Bobby Brown

Matthew Modine felt protective about Millie Bobby Brown. The two actors are part of the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. Along with the series’ success, the cast members found enormous success as well. Though the series is known for its dynamic young actors, its adult cast was equally appreciated.

Brown was cast in the role of Eleven at the beginning of her teen years. Her character in the show possesses psychokinetic abilities, while Modine’s character is the team villain, the one who conducts lab experiments on young children, including Eleven. Despite their reel life dynamic, Modine is protective of the series’ young cast, and he gives the reason why.

What did Stranger Things actor Matthew Modine say about co-star Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown found fame at quite an early age. Though she enjoys her freedom, many child actors have opened up about the trauma and troubles of early fame. In an interview with Guardian, Modine said, “My desire was to protect her. When I was a young actor, if you had a show that was successful in 20 or 30 territories around the world, that would be unbelievable.”

The actor also added how Netflix has a reach around so many countries, giving wider fame to these actors. So, he wants her to understand how the fame game works.

According to him, the reach that the Stranger Things cast has achieved is like never before, especially how fast and wide the young actors have been exposed through the streaming platform. But it is also a rollercoaster. He says that the adoration and love that they receive may just be a hollow attraction because it is not for them, but for the fantasy characters made by the creator.

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His character, Dr. Brenner, died in the fourth season of the series, with Eddie Munson and Jason Carver. Although Matthew Modine may not return to the series, he still remains a beloved part of the series.

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