LEAKED: An Unreleased Song by Billie Eilish and Drake Sets the Internet on Fire

LEAKED: An Unreleased Song by Billie Eilish and Drake Sets the Internet on Fire

Billie Eilish seems to have tried collaborating with an unexpected artist. The singer has managed to collect a lot of accolades in her name since a young age. From Grammy’s to being a headliner at Glastonbury, the signer never ceases to surprise with her skills. Her collaboration with DJ Khaled for Lovely became a super success.

The singer and her brother Finneas often write songs together. But an artist goes through a variety of trials before actually putting out music. One such piece of hers with Drake seems to have leaked on the internet. Twitteratis are going berserk over the unreleased song which everyone seems to be liking now.

Fans react as Drake’s song with Billie Eilish gets leaked

Drake has gotten into trouble with Billie Eilish before. But this time the two are making a buzz on the internet for good reasons. The track is called Blind Faith, whose lyrics go as, “It’s okay, okay to miss me. It’s okay to say that you made a mistake.” The song going viral seems to be a low-quality version but is shining brightly for the fans thanks to the talented duo. Twitter users are praising the song, calling it “fire” and “great.

Both artists are known for topping charts, often being on the top ten list. The No Time To Die singer has so far not performed or produced a song with the Hot Line Bling singer. Perhaps this was a song that is yet to be released or scratched for a reason. Notably, the two have had their share of controversies together. There is a difference of about fifteen years between the two.

A few years back, protective Eilish fans were enraged when the news of her and Drake texting each other surfaced. As per Insider, Eilish even lashed out for the criticism Drake faced over texting her. Apparently, they only chatted about him being a fan of her music. Although he has come under fire before for texting young ones like Millie Bobby Brown and Kylie Jenner. But perhaps his contact with Eilish is really about the music, and Blind Faith is proof of it.

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