Is Tall Girl 3 Coming to Netflix Anytime Soon?

Is Tall Girl 3 Coming to Netflix Anytime Soon?

It’s our duty, our obligation, to bring you the content you deserve. Highschool romcom threequels like The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys have seemingly developed a separate fan base over the years. With Tall Girl movies picking up the hype; there has been a lot of talk about its third sequel on Netflix. And we are here to serve you with everything we know. Might as well share the news of Tall Girl 3 on Netflix and talk about why is this movie a thing.

What to expect from the threequel?

Tall Girl 2 had its own share of ups and downs for Jodi. Seemingly, she had to stand tall through all of it. Knowing the fact that movie stands with the likes of high school romcoms; we need not say much about how the story unfolds and ends up.

The movie ends up with Jody and Jack sharing a kiss and winning their love back. However, in the middle of the plot, the two of them broke up due to Jack’s over obsessive and quirky behavior. Meanwhile, Jodi ends up getting close to Tommy, her musical partner. The third part may potentially bring more twists and turns to their relationship and Tommy may have a major role to play.

Further, Jodi’s best friend Fareeda enters into a relationship with Stig, who was crushing over Jodi earlier. So there’s some potential to their storyline as well. Stig also suggests Fareeda come to Sweden for her senior year. Seemingly, If Angela Kinsey got to decide, the third movie would potentially take all the characters to Sweden.

“You know, my pitch is that Helaine and Richie take the girls to Sweden,” she told ScreenRant. “We need to meet Stig’s family. I realize this means us all traveling to Sweden, I know, but I think it’ll be okay.”

Moreover, we may also see more of Jodi’s sister, Harper. She had her own moment towards the end as she got a job in LA. Although not near to Jodi, we include her in, as the major part of potential part 3.

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Will Tall Girl 3 come into existence?

Well, everything petty much depends on the popularity. In other words, if Tall Girl 2 is hit enough, it won’t be long when Netflix announces the third part. Tall Girl 2 hit the platform two and a half years after its first movie. In the 2nd part, although Jodi enjoys her popularity, she also goes through new challenges in life and her relationship with Jack.

Moreover, the second part started filming in April 2021 ahead of its February 11 release date. Hence, if there is a potential threequel, filming must start around the springtime of 2022, if the movie series wants to catch the light in 2023’s valentine.

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Is there any footage of Tall Girl 3 on Netflix?

Unfortunately no. Since there is no official announcement regarding the production or release of the third part; there is no teaser trailer. Moreover, the trailer of Tall Girl 2 didn’t come much before its release. Hence, from the experience, if the third flick comes into existence, we should not expect its trailer till 2023.

Have you already watched Tall Girl 2 on Netflix? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comment section if you want Tall Girl 3 or not?

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