Kotaro Lives Alone – Watch Netflix’s New Wholesome Trailer About a Young Orphan Boy

Kotaro Lives Alone – Watch Netflix’s New Wholesome Trailer About a Young Orphan Boy

Watchers of animes like My Neighbour Totoro, or practically anything by Studio Ghibli, know all too well how wholesome animes really can be. One such example is Kotaro Lives Alone, now streaming on Netflix. Here is the trailer of the series to show you just how heartfelt this show is.

What is Kotaro Lives Alone about?

As viewers have seen in the short trailer above, Kotaro Lives Alone is named after the character Kotaro Sato. Sato is a disciplined young boy who moves next to an unpopular mangaka (Japanese comic artist) named Shin Karino.

Although only four years old, Sato is incredibly disciplined and acts very much like an adult, despite clearly struggling with many things. Intrigued by this young child who is learning how to be an adult, his neighbors help him to the best of their abilities. He befriends Mizuki, a helpful young girl who begins taking care of Kotaro. Other people from this apartment complex that forbids children from living there develop great affection for the boy.

Although initially annoyed by him, Shin Karino and Kotaro develop the most heartwarming bond through the course of the Netflix Original series.

Kotaro Lives Alone is an anime one would want to watch during a lazy Saturday afternoon. It doesn’t have the action that most fans of animes love, but it does have a lot of life lessons. Viewers are in for a heartwarming ride through the lives of the residents of Shimizu Apartments.

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Where can I watch the anime? Is it related to the live-action series?

If you’re a fan of Japanese shows, another name that we’re guessing would have popped into your head is Kotaro Lives By Himself.

Adapted from the manga series by Mami Tsumara, the show follows the same plot. The live-action series was developed by TV Asahi in 2021, followed by this anime on Netflix. Rated 9.1 on IMDB, viewers highly recommend the series, and looking at its trailer, so will the case be with the 10-episode anime.

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The Netflix Original anime Kotaro Lives Alone will start streaming on the platform on March 10! Until then, you can stream the critically acclaimed drama on Netflix.

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