Netflix’s ‘The Figo Affair’ Star Luis Figo Hasn’t Aged a Day Since the Event of the Controversial Transfer

Netflix’s ‘The Figo Affair’ Star Luis Figo Hasn’t Aged a Day Since the Event of the Controversial Transfer

The recently released documentary on Netflix gave the world one of the world insight into one of the most infamous transfers of all time. Yes, you guessed it right The Figo Affair tells us the inside story of Luis Figo’s controversial transfer to Real Madrid from Barcelona in 2000. However, after watching the documentary, the fans are feeling the sports celebrity hasn’t even aged a day.

In fact, the fans went ahead to say that the ex-Barcelona player has looked exactly the same all his life. Want to know why his fans said so. Then keep on reading.

Fans believe Netflix’s The Figo Affair star has looked the same always

Fans have been perplexed by a photograph of a young Luis Figo “who has looked 40 all of his life”. The former Real Madrid player was the focus of a Netflix documentary, and while fans enjoyed the substance, they couldn’t get past his appearance. Figo used to have long hair, but his “bullish” features made people laugh about his appearance being older than he was.

“Enjoyed the Figo documentary on Netflix but my main takeaway is Figo has looked 40 years old his whole life,” a fan made a joke using a photo of him from Sporting Lisbon. The same fan added by saying that Figo in the picture looks exactly like he does now in his late 40s.

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Another fan made a joke about how the long hair that Figo was sporting back then looked like a wig. “Looks like a Ben Stiller film where they put an awful wig on him for a flashback scene to when he’s younger. But it’s just 40-year-old Ben in a wig,” he said.

Do people like the documentary?

Netflix has a wide range of great documentaries that are available for people to binge at any time they want. And it looks like the audience is loving their new documentary, The Figo Affair. Apart from including real-life star athletes such as Figo, Florentino Perez, and Pep Guardiola, the viewers got an exclusive look into the controversial $63 million transfer on July 24, 2000.

Have you guys seen the documentary yet? Let us know if you like it. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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