Netflix’s Decision to Cancel Bright 2 Might Not Be Related to Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar’s Slapgate

Netflix’s Decision to Cancel Bright 2 Might Not Be Related to Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar’s Slapgate

Will Smith is going through a terrible phase indeed. It all started with the Oscars and he’s still facing a fallout. The actor had too many of his projects to get canceled or shelved. National Geographic just paused development on the Pole to Pole project. And now Netflix has decided to drop Bright 2. Yes, the same movie that was released some five years back. But his Oscars may not be the reason behind the cancellation this time. So then why was Bright 2 canceled?

Netflix drops Bright 2 after 5 years

Despite having some big names associated with the flick – Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The flick didn’t exactly become a global sensation. Although Netflix reported that about 60 million households tuned in. Please note that these figures were before Netflix made its viewership public. The David Ayer fantasy action flick didn’t make a splash and has an average rating of 6.3 on IMDb. 

The streamer had announced a sequel right after the release of Bright. 

In 2021 it even dropped a Bright spin-off, Bright: Samurai Soul. It flew under everyone’s radar. 

And now the latest report is that Netflix has finally decided making a sequel isn’t worth it. 

Considering how less enthusiastic the subscribers are about the sequel, it’s a wise decision on Netflix’s part. 

More importantly, the streamer is losing the game to its competitors. It may want to invest in content that people actually want to see. Netflix is just cautious now given the setback it experienced in the first quarter.

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Is any Will Smith movie in production on Netflix?

The actor was tied to the upcoming thriller, Fast and Loose on Netflix. But then a string of events pushed the movie to the back burner. Netflix lost director David Leitch to Universal’s Fall Guy and Smith slapped Chris. Netflix had also announced a Nicky Barnes biopic with Will in the lead, The Council, in September 2019. And no updates are available on that project yet. Maybe Netflix has also quietly shelved the project.

You can watch Bright here. 

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