Best of Joe Goldberg Inner Monologues

Best of Joe Goldberg Inner Monologues

Joe Goldberg is officially a sociopath. But he soon became a fan favorite. Fans resonated with him to an extent that actor Penn Badley who plays Joe in You had to intervene and ask fans to stop glorifying the man. Of course, there are many bigger issues with the audience and their tendency to glorify characters just based on an actor’s attractiveness. But the partial blame for the humanization of Joe Goldberg within the fanbase lies with his inner monologues. They make him, and the show, infinitely more interesting. Here’s a clip of You without Joe’s inner monologues to reiterate this fact.

Do you think that was creepy and weird? Here’s a clip of the same in season two, which is definitely worse.

Hopefully, everyone now agrees that Joe’s narration adds a lot to the charm of the series. In fact, we think that his inner monologues are the best part of the series. Here’s a list of scenes that prove the same.

“Just pick one”

Paraphrasing Jane Austen to deliver this profound thought: it is a universally acknowledged fact that picky shoppers are the worst. Despite his obsession for Beck, Joe simply couldn’t stand her over-analyzing pieces “cut from the same hunk of overpriced wood” and so we watch the beginning of Joe’s sassy narration in You.

People with objectively good taste in literature spare none

If there is one thing that is perfect about Joe, it is his impeccable taste in literature. Joe Goldberg from the first season of YOU, as is clear from his narration, was also nothing short of savage. One of the best moments from the series is an annoyed customer buying books by Dan Brown and JD Salinger. When the customer acts irritated, Joe Goldberg doesn’t hold back either. “he’s just annoyed he has to buy Salinger to feel respectable, ” he says.


We’ve all judged someone or the other for using or not using some form of slang. After saving Beck from dying on tracks, Joe drops her home. Benji, Beck’s former lover, tries to thank him in a very Benji style by saying “good job, bro“. Joe, on the other hand, cannot even take appreciation without being a sassy brat about it. All he can think of at the moment is “‘bro’- you waste of hair“.

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Advice on social interaction

Forty, as all viewers know, was highly dependent on his parents’ money for his own endeavors. Annoyed by his son’s striking conversations just to get more money, Mr. Quinn calls Joe and tells him to ask Forty how much money he needs. Being as great at socializing as Joe is, his inner monologue tells him “in times of triangulation, it is best to stay awkwardly quiet.” And so does he.

“Mormon Neville Longbottom”

By this point in the Netflix Original, viewers know that Joe doesn’t have a thing for nice people. When Gill, the only person who wasn’t condescending to Joe, offers to carpool with him, Joe is quick to make a snarky remark about him in his head.

The official Twitter account of You acknowledged fans’ love for Joe’s inner voice and tweeted about it, too.

Which other moments from the Netflix series do you think belong on the list? And more importantly, what do you think Joe Goldberg’s inner monologue about you would be?

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