Which Love Is Blind Season 2 Couples Are Still Together?

Which Love Is Blind Season 2 Couples Are Still Together?

Don’t have a date on Valentine’s? That’s not an issue now that Love is Blind is back for a season 2 just in time for this occasion. All the singles out there who have seen enough of couples and are looking to binge on something have found their perfect watch for the day. But, after watching the ending of Love is Blind season 2, the question remains- which of these couples are still together?

Jarette and Iyanna

After being torn between Mallory and Iyanna, Jarette found himself inclining towards the latter and gave it a shot. But, his mixed feelings were pretty much apparent when he met Mallory, so he might not be quite sure of his relationship yet. The only thing that we can say of these two is that they’re in for some significant bumps along their journey in this Netflix series.

Salvador and Mallory

The weird love triangle situation between Mallory, Jarette, and Iyanna had to leave a person out. This time, it was Mallory, who then decided that Salvador was the one for her. Again, the situation between her and Jarette makes it obvious that she needs to maybe rethink her choices. Just like the first couple, these two aren’t going to have it easy, either.

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Shayne and Natalie

This couple is attracted to each other, all right, but as we all know from the multiple rom-coms we’ve seen, you need a lot more than that if a happily ever after is what you’re looking for. Their opposing personalities, among other differences, begin getting the best of them. We also catch a glimpse of Shayne walking out in his wedding attire, making things look very bleak. Seems like the couple isn’t doing that well in Love is Blind season 2, after all.

Kyle and Shaina

While Kyle is sure of his feelings towards Shaina, the latter was confused about hers. She couldn’t seem to make the choice between Kyle and Shayne right away. The two went through quite the rough patch as Shaina abandons Kyle in Mexico only to reunite later in Chicago. Looks like Shaina will not be walking down the aisle this season of the Netflix Original.

Abhishek and Deepti

If there is one thing that rom-coms have taught us, it is that couples that seem unlikely at first are the ones that usually end up together. Abhishek and Deepti are not each other’s usual types, but this couple seems to be going strong as we watched them all dressed up for their wedding at the season preview.

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Nick and Danielle

Both of them were sure of their feelings for each other, unlike most couples in Love is Blind season 2. Nick and Danielle got engaged as soon as they could. Although they had a little bit of a rough time during the vacation, they dealt with it in a manner you wouldn’t expect to see in reality television, of all places.

Having seen them on their wedding day, we are also expecting these two to say “I do”. They might be one of the very few couples from this season to maybe end up together.

However, none of this is fixed and we all know how unpredictable Love is Blind season 2 and all of its couples are, so we might as well be surprised. Stream on Netflix now!

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