Tall Girl 2 Ending : Does Jodi Get Her Happily Ever After?

Tall Girl 2 Ending : Does Jodi Get Her Happily Ever After?

The sequel of the teen romantic-comedy Tall Girl is now streaming on Netflix, picking up where the first film left. In Tall Girl 2, we will see Jodi in a new light, far more confident than ever. Jodi Kreyman is now popular after her special speech at the homecoming dance in the first film. But Jodi still faces anxieties and insecurities, which threaten her happiness with Dunkleman.

We have a lot of questions about how Jodi’s life will turn at the end of the film. Does Jodi’s new social status affect her new relationship? Will Jodi and Jack end up together? Or will Jodi find a love interest in someone else? And if you are new to this Tall Girl journey, you have to watch the first film and then the sequel one. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Tall Girl 2.

Do Jodi & Jack get back together?

Tall Girl 2 begins with the happy relationship between Jodi and Jack. But during their third-month anniversary, the couple call it quits after an argument. When Jodi rehearses for her lead in the school musical, Bye Bye Birdie, Jodi spent more time with her co-actor Tommy, while Jack spent more and more time with Stig’s sister, Stella.

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However, the two lovebirds find their way with each other at the end of the film.

Why do Jodi and Tommy part their ways separately?

Jodi and Tommy have some special romantic chemistry between them. Tommy helps Jodi find confidence in herself during the musical. They even share a kiss at the theater after her breakup with Jack. But, in the end, they realize Jodi still has feelings for Jack. Tommy and Jodi decide to remain friends, as you can’t force love on anyone.

Are Stig and Fareeda dating?

Stig was rejected by Jodi at the end of the first film, which appears to have made him a better man this time around. Stig became closer to Jodi’s friend group. Eventually, he became closer to Fareeda, Jodi’s best friend. The couple doesn’t explicitly tell everyone in the school that they are dating. However, their closeness and chemistry prove that they are in an imminent relationship.

After streaming Tall Girl 2 was, we certainly want more of Jodi. Thankfully, we can expect a Tall Girl 3 on Netflix soon.

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