Queer Eye Is Coming To Germany!

Queer Eye Is Coming To Germany!

Who would not want a perfect wardrobe, diet, and home decor? Well, Netflix has answers to everything. While most people go to the specialists to have a perfectly laid out lifestyle; Netflix subscribers binged through all the six seasons of Queer Eye. Yes, you read it right. Ever since the streaming giant rebooted this reality television show, its queer has caught the eyes of many people. And we have a big surprise for you. Affirming and uplifting as ever, Queer Eye is about to go global, hitting the road to Germany first.

The American fab 5 of the earnest reality show: Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk wittily shared this news on Instagram when Netflix joined hands with ITV Germany back in December. The caption translated to, “Germany gets its own Queer Eye – with completely new Fab Five! Welcome to the Netflix family Aljosha, Ayan, David, Leni and Jan-Henrik!

Ever since, fans in Germany have been jumpy as puppets to meet the brand new besties in their own homeland. Hang on now, coz we are about to share some exciting news, including the release date and something about the whereabouts of the five new champs. But the first obvious question we need to address is who are the German Fab fives?

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Who’s bringing Queer Eye to Germany?

The fab 5 of Queer Eye Germany are all set to bring major lifestyle changes and spread love and warmth across the country. With one hero at a time, they will prove themselves to be the guiding angel and a little bunch of joy we all need. And the team is just mesmerizing. Starting first is Jan-Henrik, who will transform the way your idea about fashion.

Second, we have Aljosha on board. Giving major health and diet advice, he is in the mood to make you feel exceptional. David is the beauty enthusiast who can hear your hair scream, and make you beautiful with his magic wand. Next on the team is Leni, the therapist, who will make sure that you know you are not alone in this world. Last but not the least is the fashion geek, Ayan. Keep your Turkey-sized tissue box near, as this bunch will make you laugh, cry and learn throughout the series.

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When is the reality television show coming to Netflix?

The streaming giant, recently teased Queer Eye’s trailer, as it is on its way to land in Germany. And trust us, this tear-inducing reality wiles is everything from exquisite to exigent. We will meet a soccer coach, a dad getting into dating thing again and a young woman learning to love and be loved.

Further, the trailer revealed the release date. Queer Eye will make its debut on March 9th, only on Netflix Germany. We already know that Fab five from German are as wholesome as Fab five from America. Hence, clear your schedule and get ready to transform your lifestyle with them.

Interestingly, this is just the start and Queer Eye Brazil is also set to arrive on the streaming service soon.

As you watch it from the comfort of your home, let us know in the comment section what inspired you the most.

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