Popular Blue Cat Lodge Sign Of Ozark Is Now SOLD

Popular Blue Cat Lodge Sign Of Ozark Is Now SOLD

The Byreds, Langmore, and all the other fantastic characters are not the only ones who have taken us aback through their appealing charisma. The mise-en-scène of Ozark is equally enchanting. And if you are a staunch fan of this award-winning thriller, you already know how much it revolves around that little family resort on the banks of Lake Ozark. Of course, we are talking about the beautiful Blue Cat Lodge.

But why are we discussing a resort from a show that has a lot more to offer? Because this resort recently credited thick money in the accounts of Ozark’s showrunners. Hence, hang on with us, as we are about to break some flabbergasting news.

Everything you need to know about the Blue Cat Lodge

The little family-owned resort in the setting of Ozark is not just limited to reel life people! It drew its inspiration from a real resort situated on the banks of Lake Ozark. As per LakeExpo, the designers modeled it accurately after the Alhonna resort. In the 1950s and 80s, resorts like these were vacation destinations for families. Notably, Bill Dubuque, creator of the award-winning series, worked summers at Alhonna in the 1980s.

The depth and emotions so finely woven in the series and setting of Ozarks are hence explained. But that’s not all we have to share with you. Remember the Blue Cat Lodge sign with a linear wooden design? It is now SOLD.

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You can now find the blue cat lodge sign from Ozark at Alhonna resort & marina!

Yes, it’s true! According to Komuthe set director has sold the sign to the owners of the Alhonna Resort and Marina. General managers of the resort, Micheal Elia and his wife Sheryl Elia, said, “The people from the set contacted Mike Swift, a local retailer in Osage Beach.” Michael Elia further said, “He has the listing for the resort. They asked him if we would be interested in one of the signs. He contacted us and we said ‘absolutely.'”

Sheryl Elia thinks something going on back in 80s may have reflected in Ozark in a different light. The couple also shared how the series gave great exposure to the entire area of the Lake of Ozark. “It’ll be a great showpiece for people to look at out here or take pictures with,” Michael Elia said to Komu.

The piece was sold to the resort on January 22, and will be kept on display once the business opens in March. Seems like laundering money is not the only business going around in the Ozarks.

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Let us know in the comment section if you are already planning to spend your summers at Alhonna resort in the 80s swag.

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