Monica Aldama, The Coach From ‘Cheer’ Has Advices For The Reel-Life Coaches In Cobra Kai, The Last Dance, And More Shows

Monica Aldama, The Coach From ‘Cheer’ Has Advices For The Reel-Life Coaches In Cobra Kai, The Last Dance, And More Shows

Monica Aldama is our all-time favorite. She is the perfect coach anyone can ever ask for. We might not see her in a lot of actions, but because of her guidance, her students from Navarro College are rocking the entire world.

Monica Aldama is the coach of the co-ed cheerleading team at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, and we all know her from Netflix docuseries Cheer. Even it is a docu-series, the show is full of drama just like any other reality show. But the differentiator of Cheer from others shows it highlights the athletes from college struggling with their injuries and developing relationships in both their personal and professional lives.

According to The New Yorker, Monica Aldama is, “a brisk forty-something with highlighted hair, long-wear mascara, a Texas accent and an M.B. A who rules the program with a fearsomely controlled demeanor interrupted by flickers of maternal warmth.”

However, the docuseries Cheer of Netflix is a perfect example of Aldama’s perfectionism and her concern for other students. Her famous line which gave the student an extra speed is, “You keep going until you get it right, then you keep going until you can’t get it wrong.” 

Aldama is a perfect coach and our readers will agree with us on that. Aldama with coaches, the notorious team from Netflix, shows in a YouTube video. The video captioned as, “No one knows how to lead a team to victory quite like Navarro College’s head cheerleading coach and Cheer star, Monica Aldama. Now she’s lending her expertise to the athletes of Cobra Kai, The Last Dance, Beyond the Lights, GLOW, Big Mouth, and more, to show that behind every great team is a great coach cheering them on.”

Cobra Kai

By watching Daniel LaRusso’s roughness, Monica Aldama admits that this is all very intimidating for her. She believed she was less strict than Daniel from Cobra Kai and believes in two-side communication. She claims she has a very different style from the coach of Cobra Kai.

Beyond The Lights

The pep talk given by the coach in Beyond the Lights quite impressed her. She believed that a good pep talk builds confidence and encouragement.


Aldama loved a beautiful uniform at the time of performance. Every sport carries a whole bunch of athleticism, but it is still a performance, and when you put on a nice uniform, it makes you more confident. She explains that the girls in Glow are really throwing themselves up. But in cheerleading, there is the whole concept of how to melt down safely out of a pyramid.

Big Mouth

Aldama strongly believed that parents trying to coach their child in the middle of the game is not a great idea. They should use their own heart, soul, and brain to give their best.

The Last Dance

She is very impressed by the coach of The Last Dance. She expresses, “I love that. He is, you know, putting himself out there with this team and being a part of it. I think any good leader leads by example and that’s how you earn respect and without respect, you can’t lead anybody.”

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