Juvenile Justice on Netflix: Release date, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer, And More

Juvenile Justice on Netflix: Release date, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer, And More

When it comes to eccentric storylines, K-dramas never fail to amaze us. From Squid Game, Kingdom, Run On to The Uncanny Counter- you name it and you have it. And the best thing is, Netflix has its own section of diversifying K-dramas and is expanding it more than ever. The streaming service recently added one more Korean series to its fantastic list. Yes, your speculation is spot on. Juvenile Justice will soon make its debut on Netflix to change your perspective about juvenile

If you are curious enough to know everything about this political thriller, all you have to do is keep reading. With little ado, its unique plotline is the first thing we would like to serve.

Testimony of Juvenile Justice

The ten-episode-long South Korean crime drama pretty much revolves around an infamous judge who loathes adolescents from the core of her heart. Ironically, she becomes the magistrate of the juvenile court and proves that youth is no excuse for those who break the law. 

As she handles various juvenile crimes, from fraud to assault and murders; she realizes what it truly means to be an adult. If you have ever purloined even a bar of chocolate, keep it deep within you before attending her court sessions.

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The Judge, the attorneys, and the criminals

Jong Jong Chan directed this spectacular script from the desk of screenwriter, Kim Min Sook. Further, the infamous judge is played by Heyna’s Kim Hye Soo. Having started her career in the 1980s, she is a well-known actor in the world of Korean drama. The other cast members who are subpoenaed in the court of Juvenile Justice are:

  • Lee Sung Min as Kang Won Joong
  • Lee Jung Eun as Na Geun Hee
  • Park Jong Hwan as Go Kang Shik

  • Park Ji Yun as Woo Soo Mil
  • Shin Jae Hwi as Seo Bum
  • Kim Chan Hyung

Having disclosed the plot, and the spectacular cast, let’s move ahead to the best part.

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Trailer and release date of Juvenile Justice

Netflix recently teased the trailer of this teen crime drama, and it’s everything but kind. The 4 min 49-sec long clip shows us the scary side of juveniles as well as the court when its judge decides to take the crime into her own hands. There is no excuse for teenage criminals in the court of Shim Eun Seok, aka the judge.

Moreover, before wrapping up the trailer, Netflix also announced its release date. Earlier postponed from January, the first hearing session in the court of Juvenile Justice will be on 25 February 2022; only on Netflix.

Do tell us in the comment section if this quirky judge of Juvenile Justice on Netflix already compelled you.

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