How Much Does the All of Us Are Dead Cast Make? Check Their Net Worth and Salary From the Show

How Much Does the All of Us Are Dead Cast Make? Check Their Net Worth and Salary From the Show

The cast of Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead has been in the spotlight ever since the release of the bloody survival show.  This is the second Korean zombie show Netflix has produced after Kingdom. While Kingdom boasted a star-studded cast from Ju Ji Hoon to Bae Doona, the high school story about the undead has a relatively unknown cast.

The director of the show Lee Jae Kyoo decided to cast unknown stars or complete newcomers instead of popular stars to make the viewers more invested in the journey of these teenagers. As they fight the undead, come up with escape plans, create makeshift weapons to fight off the mindless creatures, the characters also find love and start appreciating the small things in their life like their parent’s love.

Fans have fallen in love with the characters and the actors that play them. So, it’s no surprise that they wish to know more about the actors, especially their net worth and salary.

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All of us are dead cast net worth and salary 

Yoon Chan Young: Yoon Chan Young, who plays the lead character Cheong San, has a net worth of $50k-$90k. The 20-year-old appeared in the Still 17 before getting his big break in All of Us Are Dead

Cho Yi Hyun: Cho Yi Hyun played Nam-ra so convincingly, it won the hearts of the viewers. Her reel romance with Park Solomon is much talked about. She has played several roles in various acting projects. Her net worth is assumed to be around $350.

Park Ji Hoon: Park Ji Hoon essayed the role of On-jo, who picks the worst day to confess to her crush. Like the rest of the cast, she is not a newcomer either. She previously had a taste of fame, with her 2018 movie House of Hummingbird. The Daegu native has a net worth of $3-4 million.

Park Solomon: The South Korean-Uzbek actor, Park Solomon, known popularly as Limon, plays Lee Soo Hyeok in the drama. The 22-year-old made his acting debut in 2014 and has been the lead in Sweet Revenge. Limon has an approximate net worth of $10 million. 

Yoo In Soo: Viewers despised Yoo In Soo’s character Yoon Gwi Nam in All of Us Are Dead. He plays a character that has no empathy and is almost repulsive. Born in 1998, the actor has acted in several dramas, notably, At a Distance Spring is Green and Stranger 2. The actor who currently has a net worth of $150 saw a massive rise in popularity through his Instagram followers after the K-drama released. 

We love all these actors for making All of Us Are Dead a special and immersive watch. What about you? Which of these actors did you love the most as you streamed the show on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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