Child of Kamiari Month- Cast Describes Their Characters and Express Empathy for Kanna

Child of Kamiari Month- Cast Describes Their Characters and Express Empathy for Kanna

Netflix has again made its way into the realm of anime movies, and this time it released Child Of Kamiari Month. The original Japanese adventure, supernatural, and drama anime created by Studio LIDENFILMS will make sure to turn your eyes moist. The plot of the anime explores a mother-daughter relationship when the daughter has to deal with grief over losing her mother and figure out living in a world without a mother.

Kanna, our protagonist, was only 11 when she lost her mother, and she blames herself for her mother’s accident. Kanna explores every phase of life within the anime. She is headstrong and tries to face all her fears. The anime, Child of Kamiari Month by Riyuta Miyake, was released in Japan on October 8th, 2021. And now, Netflix has officially announced that the anime film is streaming on its platform. Soon after its release on the streaming giant, the anime cast have expressed their take on the story and its characters.

Let’s see what they have to say.

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Child of Kamiari Month cast interview

In the anime, Aju Makita voiced Kanna. The other cast includes Maaya Sakamoto as Shiro, Miyu Irino as Yasha, Wataru as Kou Shibisaki, and Norimasa as Arata Iura. Recently, the cast of anime gave an interview on the YouTube channel, Netflix Anime, where theyshare their thoughts on the film.

Since its release yesterday, the entire world is excited about Child Of Kamiari Month as it is based on the Japanese mythology of Izumo. In the video, one of the cast shared that this type of universal film will last in people’s memories and she hopes the viewers will support their work forever.

Aju Makita, who gave voice to Kanna, also expressed her grief for the child. She explains, “She used to love running, but it becomes traumatic. She can’t decide whether she likes it or hates it. Kanna always follows her mother’s steps. Kanna’s mother is a cheerful, understanding, and honest woman. As she is dead now, Kanna is lost and doesn’t know how to express her grief.”

Miyu Irino, who has given voice to Yato, expresses that Yato has his own beliefs and desires. Further, Arata Iura, the voice of Norimasa Hayama, claims Norimasa is a typical father, like himself. He explains, “He may be clumsy, but he is always there to support Kanna.”

The anime is not just for kids, even the adults will empathize with Kanna. The imagery has the power to touch your heart. The love and warmth will leave a lasting impression on you.

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