All of Us Are Dead Cast shocks the world with their duality

All of Us Are Dead Cast shocks the world with their duality

The world saw entertainment from the eyes of the West for a long time, and now finally the power is coming to the East. Especially in the South Asian country of South Korea. The world is already falling in love with their music and culture. Add to that, Netflix’s self-claimed mission is to make us watch Korean content, and honestly, we are all in for it. As people dive deeper into the many Korean dramas out there, they are learning secrets about their favorite All of Us Are Dead cast members, leaving them shocked.

The duality of All of Us Are Dead cast members

Park Ji-Hoo

Park Ji-Hoo is an actress famously known for her work in the 2018 critically acclaimed movie, House of Hummingbird. When you see her in the role of middle school student, you will have a hard time believing that she is the same woman you saw in the Netflix series. She is a really sweet-looking girl in the movie, who deals with dysfunctional family. However, over here in the show, she has to survive a zombie apocalypse. Quite a hefty step-up.

Lee Eun Saem

Duality is the perfect word to explain what we are talking about when it comes Lee Eun Saem. Lee has made her way into the hearts of many, thanks to her portrayal of Park Mi Jin in the Netflix Original. Lee Eun Saem has touched the fierce persona of hers’ in the role. However, as fans tried to get to know more about her, they came across this rather different side of the actress.

She recently appeared in The Red Sleeve, a K-Drama, where she played the role of the main character’s best friend. And we swear she looks like a harmless angel in the show, completely different from the foul-mouthed teen she plays in All of Us Are Dead.

Yoon Chan-young

Yoon Chan-young is quite an eventful presence in All of Us Are Dead. As Lee Choeng-San, he is the one fighting the zombies now and then. He is the fearless guy who looks right in the face of death. However, in Still 17, you will find a rather different avatar of the young actor. There he plays a character who has lost faith; a guy who is rather hopeless, and blames himself for something that he never did.

Park Solomon

Park Solomon caused several hearts to flutter since All of Us Are Dead started streaming on Netflix. His badass Lee Su-Hyeok is the backbone of the group’s fighting force, always ready to throw the punch. We also get to know that he was once a bully and now tries to save bullying victims from the bullies. At the start of the series, we also see how he has a huge crush on Nam-Ra. However, he was not always the fighter Su-Hyeok.

Before All of Us Are Dead, Lomon was the male lead Ji-Hoon in season 1 of the web series Sweet Revenge. In the show, he was the reluctant savior of Ho Goo-Hee and a brooding but popular guy in the school. Unlike Su-Hyeok, who has a group of friends and is quite a friendly and helpful person, Ji-Hoon is cold and distant. While both of them seem like two sides of the same coin, a lot of things differ between the two characters. And we are all for the duality.

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