Surviving Paradise: A family Tale – Netflix reveals first look of the film

Surviving Paradise: A family Tale – Netflix reveals first look of the film

Admittedly, Netflix is on fire with the number original shows and movies it’s planning to release this year. Aside from fictional shows, the streaming giant’s content calendar is generously peppered with documentaries covering different topics. Once such documentary that will reach the platform next month is Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale.

Ahead of its scheduled release for March, streaming giant Netflix has released the first look of its new nature documentary Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. The film will feature narrations by Regé-Jean Page and will give us an inside look at the lives of humans and animals in the Okavango Delta.

About the show

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale is a nature documentary about the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The movie gives us an insight into the life of the delta inhabitants. Who maintains the delta, and in return, sustains them and fulfills their every need. A never-ending desert separates the delta from the rest of the world. Large predators roam these lands with pride. However, the lives of all, whether big or small, are interconnected here.

The documentary ponders what it takes to make a perfect world amidst droughts, famines, and floods. Moreover, it focuses on the tradition of taking care of the environment that the inhabitants pass onto their next generation, who face the harder challenge.

First look of Surviving Paradise

Recently, Netflix released a series of three pictures, giving us the first look at Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. Two images were from the film, which gave us a look at the large, pristine water body of the delta and the other of the big cats. Lastly, Netflix released a picture of Regé-Jean Page in a studio with the script in his hand, probably as he recorded the voiceover.

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale arrives March 3

The documentary film will be streaming exclusively on Netflix from March 3, 2022 with a runtime of 78 minutes. Renee Godfre directed and produced the film, while Matt Meech edited and co-produced. Furthermore, English actor Regé-Jean Page whom we last met in the hit Netflix romance series Bridgerton will be narrating the film in its entirety.

With the ever-growing need to be aware of the changes in our climate and its devastating consequences on us, the movie will be a necessary watch for us all.

What do you think about the first look at the film? Are you going to watch it? Do let us know in the comments.

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