Netflix will release an interactive Headspace experience

Netflix will release an interactive Headspace experience

Netflix released the official trailer for Headspace: Unwind Your Mind, which is an interactive unwinding experience from Headspace.

You probably know what content Headspace has on Netflix. Previously, they made a guide to meditation, which was released on Netflix at the beginning of 2021. That 8-episode series helps people to get a clearer mind by talking about meditation. After that, they continued with yet another guide. This time it was a guide to sleep. That series tried to help people to sleep better, as apparent from its title. Now Headspace is going to give us a whole new experience with an interactive guide.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is an online company specializing in mental health and meditation. Centered in California, they also have offices in San Francisco and London. They have an online application to help people meditate, be happier and be generally better in terms of mental health. They also have many informative articles about sleeping, relaxing, meditation, and such. All in all, Headspace is who you need if you want some guidance about mindfulness.

Headspace’s earlier works

As we mentioned earlier, Headspace has two productions on Netflix right now. Apart from their articles and application, they have two series called Headspace: Guide to Meditation and Headspace: Guide to Sleep. Both are self-explanatory, I guess. The first one is about meditation, and the second one is about sleeping. You can check out those guides if you need more information about those topics.

Now, they are going to release a new thing, which is very different than usual.

What is the synopsis of Headspace: Unwind Your Mind?

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind is not just about a single topic unlike the earlier works of Headspace. While the former productions were on meditation and sleeping, this new one will touch on meditating, sleeping, and relaxing, giving us a complete set of mental self-care package. The choices do not end with this, as you can watch specialized content based on your mood. You just have to click on what you want to do and how you feel for Headspace to give you the thing you need. That’s what the trailer shows, at least. We’ll see what awaits us when Netflix releases this experience this June.

Here’s the synopsis of Headspace: Unwind Your Mind:

“How are you feeling today? What would you like to do? Meditate, relax, or sleep? You choose. Headspace Unwind Your Mind is an interactive experience that allows you to “click” and choose your own, personalized breathing exercise. No matter what mind you have today, you can return tomorrow for an entirely different experience.”

What is the release date of Headspace: Unwind Your Mind?

Netflix is going to release this new Headspace experience soon. We do not have to wait for that much to see what Headspace will give us with that interactive work. Just about two weeks left!

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind is going to be on Netflix on June 15th, 2021. You can check out its official trailer below!

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