Netflix viewing stats for series and movies in 2021

Netflix viewing stats for series and movies in 2021

What are the most-watched TV series and movies on Netflix? Here are the Netflix viewing stats for series and movies in 2021.

The metrics and viewing stats show us the most successful titles that have been broadcasted on the platform. As the number of subscribers went up, Netflix kept offering new series and films including original and licensed content.

The reason behind the dominating success of the streaming service lies in diversity. Netflix managed to gain 37 million new subscribers. And more than 75% percent of the new customers live outside of U.S.

The king of the video market also changed how it forms the metrics of the views. Before 2020, the metrics functioned through calculating the user’s watching time. And if the user watched at least 70% percent of the title, it affected the viewing stats and figures. As of 2021, a title must be watched for more than two minutes to be taken into account.

Here are some of the new Netflix stats which also show the success of Netflix Originals.

Top 10 Netflix Original Titles (2021)

1. Extraction – 99 million

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Extraction is the most viewed Netflix Original movie on the platform in the first months of 2021. With more than 99 million views, the movie became one of the most-watched original titles in the Netflix library. (January 2021)

2. Bird Box – 89M

The successful horror thriller movie was released in 2018. Gaining more than 89 million views, the original title managed to stay on top of the list two years after its release.

3. Spenser Confidential – 85M

2020 action comedy movie Spenser Confidential gained 85 million views and became one of the most-watched among the Originals in 2021.

4. 6 Underground – 83M

6 Underground was watched 85 million times and made it to the top four in the list. The movie starred Ryan Reynolds and was directed by Michael Bay.

5. Murder Mystery – 83M

Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, Murder Mystery stands in the fifth position with more than 83 million views.

6. The Old Guard – 78M

The Old Guard tells about four warriors of humanity that unite against one immortal enemy. Starring Charlize Theron, Marwan Kenzari and KiKi Layne, the original title has received 78 million views.

7. The Witcher – 76M

The Witcher tells about a monster hunter and his journey on the path of destiny. Starring Henry Cavill who also gave life to Superman in Man of Steel, The Witcher season 1 has gained 76 million views. Unfortunately, season 2 of the show will not be released this May.

8. Enola Holmes – 76M

The star of Stranger Things, Millie-Bobby Brown is the sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Detective-themed Netflix Original gained 76 million views in the first months.

9. Project Power – 75M

Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, Project Power was released in 2020 and managed to stay in the top 10 most-watched Netflix movies. The film received 75 million views in 2021.

10. The Midnight Sky – 72M

A top 10 movie list without a film depicting the aftermath of a global disaster would not be a great list. Directed by George Clooney who also starred in the film, The Midnight Sky was watched more than 72 million times.

The Most Watched Netflix Original TV Shows (In English)

Netflix viewing stats for original TV shows that are in the English language.

  1. Bridgerton (season 1) has received more than 82 million views.
  2. The Witcher (season 1) has received 76 million views.
  3. Stranger Things (season 3) gained 64 million views.
  4. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness received 64 million views.
  5. The Queen’s Gambit was watched more than 62 million times.
  6. Emily in Paris – 58 M
  7. Fate: The Winx Saga – 57 M
  8. You season 2 – 54M
  9. Ginny & Georgia (season 1) – 52M
  10. Cobra Kai (season 1 and 2) – 50M

What are the most-watched non-English Netflix Originals?

  1. Lupin season 1- (French) – 70M
  2. Money Heist Season 4 – (Spanish) – 65M
  3. The Platform – (Portuguese) – 56M
  4. Who Killed Sara? – (Spanish) – 55M
  5. Below Zero – (Spanish) – 47M
  6. Barbarians – (German) – 37M
  7. Lost Bullet – (French) – 37M
  8. Dark Desire – (Spanish) – 35M
  9. Squared Love – (Polish) – 31M
  10. The White Tiger – (Hindi/English) – 27M

Netflix Will Reduce Dependency on Other Producers

Netflix is planning on reducing the dependency on other producers for content licensing. The company also announced that it is going to release more original titles after gradually increasing its budget for original content. On the other hand, the international streaming platform paid lots of comics to license their shows as well. The company has paid $40 million dollars each to Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais. Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer are also some of the famous names that got paid by Netflix for the license of their shows.

Netflix viewing stats above show that the streaming service has managed to rival the whole US TV industry. With the sum of original series and also the licensed titles, the enduring platform is considered to be the 31st most valuable company.

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