More British Stories to Decorate Netflix’s Library as the Platform Expands Its Footprint in the UK

More British Stories to Decorate Netflix’s Library as the Platform Expands Its Footprint in the UK

The UK has become a hotspot for Netflix; many of its shows starring London or any other village in the UK in its background. Many popular shows like Sex Education that has become an immense success globally. Shows like Bridgerton, The Crown, Top Boy, The Dig, and Rebecca show the UK in its glory as its background.

Studios like Longcross Studios which homed James Bond: the series, the Star Wars franchises, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is oh so famous; Netflix has signed a new long-term lease with it. Netflix spent over 1 million dollars on new series, films, unscripted, and documentaries, which are getting over 5,000 people jobs. With Grow Creative UK that focuses on the extremely talented crew and emerging British talent, Netflix has gained it to help with scouting talent for new programs.


Netflix UK training manager, Alison Small also said, “The UK is a hugely important market for us and we invest more in production here than anywhere else outside of the US and Canada. Grow Creative UK will help bridge the skills gap, upskill experienced crew and improve diversity head-on. It will also build on our long-term ambition to be the studio that provides the most training opportunities in the UK.”

Netflix has spent over 1.5 million pounds to bring diverse sounds into the industry. It has supported several organizations too, like Identity School of Acting, MAMA Youth Project, and Million Youth Media. To launch the inaugural Documentary Talent Fund and the Biska K Ali Netflix Screenwriters Fellowship in association with Sky, two in-house programs designed to bring modern voices into the industry, Netflix has taken a step.

Popular British shows on Netflix

  1. Sex Education – Telling the tale of a socially awkward high school student Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), and his tale with sex. How he handles his sex therapist mom, and his crush on Maeve Wiley (Emma Macky) resonated with most populations. It’s a widely popular show globally with 3 seasons, created by Laurie Nunn.
  2. Bridgerton – During the Regency Era, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) takes her first step into the competitive marriage market. There she meets her true love, the ever so rebellious but so desirable Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page)
  3. The Crown – An extraordinary blast of emotion based on Queen Elizabeth II from 1940 to recent times. This show recreates what all goes down in the facade of royal glory
  4. Top Boy – This film reminds you of Cicade De Deus (City of God) a Brazilian crime film. This film shows two drug gangs based in East London who don’t really agree on terms. A teenage boy Dushane (Ashley Walters) who wants to become the area’s top boy. Starring Ashely Walters, Kano, Micheal Ward, and Little Simz
  5. The Dig – This film is based on a time before World War 2. This period drama will show you how a widowed English lady hires a self-taught archaeologist to dig up mysterious findings in her land only to find something extremely fascinating. Starring Ralph Fiennes, and Carey Mulligan, this film will take you on another trip to England.

Netflix is reaching its hands on many big countries; the UK being a very important one. With immense talent in its actors and a beautiful visual setting. Do watch the films that have been mentioned in the top 5 and put your favorite English-based films in the comments.

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