Netflix to Stream Tiger and Bunny Movies Before the Upcoming Season 2 of the Anime

Netflix to Stream Tiger and Bunny Movies Before the Upcoming Season 2 of the Anime

Netflix is making amazing additions to its already great anime library. It has acquired streaming of some previously released anime like One Piece and reviving somewhat forgotten anime by giving them a new season. Netflix recently amazed fans when they announced that they would be streaming Tiger and Bunny season two on Netflix. But it looks like they aren’t done with surprises yet.

Netflix releasing two Tiger and Bunny movies

Spring is going to be an exciting one for anime lovers on Netflix. Many new and old animes will be coming exclusively on Netflix. One of them is 2011’s hit superhero anime Tiger and Bunny.

Both movies Tiger and Bunny, The Beginning, and The Rising were released after the show originally ended in 2011. The films retell the opening episodes of the show with additional footage.

Both movies will be available for streaming on Netflix from April 1st. And the second season of the show from April 8th.

Watch the trailer for The Beginning, and The Rising here.

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The films have a runtime of 88 minutes and 108 minutes respectively.

What are the films about?

Tiger and Bunny – The Beginning

The first film is Tiger and Bunny franchise, The Beginning is about alternate Earth where Superheroes are celebrities, and a high-rated TV program ranks their accomplishments, earning them points until an annual King of Heroes is elected.

Wild Tiger, an old-school hero, is paired with a new partner who holds opposing beliefs on the hero’s duty in society. Still, a vigilante criminal soon confronts them with a significant challenge.

Tiger and Bunny – The Rising

The second film in the franchise picks off where the first one ends. The Rising as it is called explores the relationship of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, a.k.a. Wild Tiger, and Barnaby Brooks Jr.

However, their partnership takes a hit when Apollon Media’s new owner Mark Schneider fires Kotetsu and moves Barnaby back into the First League, pairing him up with Golden Ryan, a new hero with awesome powers and a huge ego to match.

Now that you have all you need to know about the two movies of the new season. Will you be watching the Tiger and Bunny season two on Netflix?


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