Netflix shares two new photos from the new Jason Momoa movie Slumberland

Netflix shares two new photos from the new Jason Momoa movie Slumberland

Netflix has offered the fans two new BTS photos from the new Jason Momoa movie called Slumberland, and the actor has horns in the photos.

Netflix has shared the first look to Jason Momoa’s new movie Slumberland, which is an adaptation of the 1905 comic titled Little Nemo in Slumberland. Aquaman actor Momoa is going to play an eccentric outlaw in Slumberland whom the original comic depicted as a nine-foot-tall half-monster half-man. To be honest, the choice of actor for this character seems precise, as Jason Momoa is a big man who can nail the role of a tall monster.

Slumberland cast members

In the movie that will star Jason Momoa, we’ll also see Kyle Chandler from Super 8 and Chris O’Dowd, with roles yet to be announced. The cast will also include Weruche Opia, Modern Family’s India de Beaufort, Single ParentsMarlow Barkley, and Odd Squad’s Ava Cheung. Francis Lawrence, who also directed I Am Legend, is going to direct the movie. Ray Angelic is the executive producer while David Ready is the producer of the film. Michael Handelman will write the scripts for Slumberland.

What is the synopsis of Slumberland?

A young girl (Marlow Barkley) discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw (Jason Momoa), she traverses through dreams and flees nightmares, with hope that she will see her late father again.

What is the release date of Slumberland?

Netflix announced the release date to be in 2022. That being said, we cannot expect a soon release as there are eight more months for 2021 to end. Despite all those, the production process should be going well for Netflix. That’s because the filming of Slumberland started just in February, indicating that things are on track as they already shared the first look with us. This might mean we are underway for an early 2022 release. Anyways, let’s check out what Netflix shared.

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