Netflix Shares Love, Death & Robots Inside the Animation Videos

Netflix Shares Love, Death & Robots Inside the Animation Videos

The popular streaming platform shares videos about Love, Death & Robots Inside the Animation video to show how amazing animations are made.

Love, Death & Robots is one of the best anthology series on Netflix. Volume 2 of the popular animation series came out a month ago. The streaming giant takes viewers on a journey through the creation process of these amazing animations.

Love, Death & Robots Inside the Animation: Vol 2 mainly focuses on the chapters in the second season of the show. Vol 2 consists of 8 episodes. Emmy-wining anthology series offers wonderful tales created by the most talented names in the industry. Some of the episodes also star famous actors and successful directors.

Life Hutch, for example, starred Michael B. Jordan and the episode was directed by Alex Beaty. One of the most realistic chapters in the second season, Life Hutch told a story about a pilot who tried to survive after a crash landing. The animation showed the desperate struggle of a wounded pilot against a malfunctioning robot.

Love, Death & Robots Inside the Animation: Life Hutch

Seeing how this episode was created and brought to life makes the viewers appreciate the animators more. The video below introduces the directors and the creators of the chapter as they discuss the process of creating Life Hutch.

Director Alex Beaty said that they wanted to create a relatable story and show the desperate fight of the war pilot against a machine.

“We wanted it to be relatable, we did not want it to be based on a complex sci-fi universe. Instead, we wanted to show the agony of this man and what he is going through. The tension and the atmosphere were vital to us.”

Tim Miller, who serves as a creator of the Love, Death & Robots anthology series said that most of the story happened on the face of the man. He also added that they could have made everything through CG, but they preferred the actor’s performance. The animators put CG next to the live-action shot and this made the animation a type of hybrid.

Love, Death & Robots Vol. 2 Is Now Available

Volume 2 of the animated anthology series premiered on Netflix in May 2021. Unlike the previous one, season 2 came with 8 episodes instead of 18. The episodes were Ice, Pop Squad, Snow in the Desert, The Tall Grass, All Through the House, Life Hutch, and The Drowned Giant. We have explained the endings of each episode in the second season.

Almost every episode is an impressive and wonderful piece of talented artists. Some of the chapters are also adaptations of short stories. The Drowned Giant, for example, is based on a story that came out back in 1964.

Love, Death & Robots season 3 release date

You can binge-watch the first and the second season of the series right now. Netflix has not made any announcements regarding Love, Death & Robots season 3 release date. Though, the brilliant animated series probably won’t return with its third installment in 2021. Considering the amount of work put in these episodes, it is safe to say that we are going to wait another year to see the new volume of the anthology series.

We do not know how many episodes will be in the third season. But Netflix keeps sharing content about the series. So there’s always something to watch.

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