Netflix shares a little teaser trailer for WitcherCon

Netflix shares a little teaser trailer for WitcherCon

Netflix shared a video about what to expect from WitcherCon, a convention that’ll tell us about The Witcher universe.

Netflix’s Geeked Week event gave us a lot of new announcements. WitcherCon was among those, as you may recall. It’s a new convention which is going to show us news from both the series and the video games. The crew teased some of the things that’ll be on WitcherCon upon the announcement. We had some expectations based on the earlier announcements and possible situations, but now we have a more official source in our hands. Netflix Geeked shared a 30-second video that reveals many things.

A peek at what’s coming for WitcherCon

Check out the video Netflix shared below.

The introduction video starts with Geralt from both the game and the series. As it says “The First Ever WitcherCon,” we think it makes sense to assume there will be more.

The convention will be packed with “Epic Reveals & Season 2 Surprises” according to that video. After that, we immediately see some scenes, presumably from The Witcher season 2, which are blurred and marked “Top Secret”. Probably, those scenes are going to be from the trailer of the second season, which we’ll see in WitcherCon. That’s not confirmed yet, but it’s highly possible.

There’ll be interviews, games, and sneak peeks with Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and CD Projekt Red studio.

The video ends with a pun backgrounded by Jaskier’s iconic song: “Toss a CON for your Witcher.”

According to the official website of WitcherCon, we’re going to see some BTS footage, making-of content, interactive panels, and stories about The Witcher lore in the event.

You can watch the event on Twitch or YouTube on July 9th and 10th.

What to expect and not to expect from WitcherCon?

In addition to the official announcements, we have some predictions as to what to expect from WitcherCon.

First of all, the official trailer for The Witcher season 2 seems to be ready. Even though it’s not clearly confirmed in the video, it’ll probably be released in the event. As Netflix likes to announce the release dates of the new seasons with trailers, we’re highly likely to learn the release date of The Witcher season 2, too. We also know the streaming platform releases the trailers around a month before the release. As The Witcher Season 2 is planned to come in Q4 2021, October 2021 is a plausible release date.

The Witcher series is not the only for The Witcher work of Netflix right now. They’re also working on a prequel called The Witcher: Blood Origin and an anime of The Witcher. We haven’t heard from them for some time now, so WitcherCon might be the perfect opportunity for Netflix to talk about them.

WitcherCon won’t be just about the series. There’ll be announcements about the games, too. There was a slight chance that CDPR could announce a new The Witcher game. However, they confirmed that there will not be any new game announcements at the event. But they’re going to show us something from The Witcher games, so what could be it? Well, it’s probably more information about the next-gen versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We might even get a release date for it.

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