Which Netflix show won during the pandemic lockdown?

Which Netflix show won during the pandemic lockdown?

Netflix is available in over 190 countries worldwide and increases its platform subscribers every day. However, during the lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of titles postponed or canceled. But there is a lot of new series or movies coming to the platform. Some of them reach more viewers but some of them not. Now we have to look at the details of which Netflix title won this race during the pandemic lockdown?

Every new month Netflix release fresh series or movies on the platform. So, the subscribers or viewers search and watch which title worth their spare time. And during these thug times, some of the new series can’t reach more viewers but some of them watching and viral on the internet. Now, we got some help from Bed Guru, compared to the search interest from Google Trends of TV shows during the pandemic lockdown to the previous months.

Which Netflix show won the race during the pandemic lockdown?

When Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ was published in November 2020 and the “Queen’s Gambit” (Mini-series) in October, social media has gone crazy, with every single tweet commenting on the drama of Diana and Charles or the growing success of chess. After years later, when the chess series release in place of Netflix’s Top 10 in 92 countries, and ranked Number 1 in 63 countries. In addition to that, Walter Tevis‘s 1983 novel on which the series is based has listed The New York Times bestseller.

The Crown or Queens Gambit was the most searched for Netflix show in the second lockdown. However, this may be wrong. They also found the ‘House of Cards’ was most involved in a Netflix presentation about the second UK lockout, with The Crown at 10th and The Queen’s Gambit at 4th.

Netflix Show Lockdown Score
House of Cards 83.5
The West Wing 81.5
Black Mirror 81
Queens Gambit 80.25
The Office UK 75.5
Arrested Development 60.75
Twin Peaks 57.5
Sherlock 54.75
Breaking Bad 52.75
The Crown 51
Stranger Things 49.5
Mindhunter 48.75
Dexter 46
Peaky Blinders 37.5
Daredevil 28.75
Narcos 13
Ozark 8.25
After Life 8.25
Money Heist 7.75
Cobra Kai 7.25
Sex Education 4.25

Also, they added data on the popularity increase of each show in the second pandemic lockdown.

Show Lockdown Popularity Growth
The Crown 240.00%
House of Cards 43.97%
Queens Gambit 27.38%
Black Mirror 26.56%
Arrested Development 12.50%
Narcos 8.33%
Breaking Bad 7.65%
The Office UK 6.34%
The West Wing 4.49%
After Life 3.13%
Sherlock -5.60%
Ozark -8.33%
Peaky Blinders -8.54%
Twin Peaks -10.16%
Dexter -11.54%
Sex Education -15.00%
Daredevil -22.30%
Money Heist -22.50%
Mindhunter -31.34%
Stranger Things -33.11%
Cobra Kai -34.09%

According to this, the “House of Cards” won the lockdown race – with a lockdown score of 83.5 and a popularity increase of 43.97% percent. And,” The Queen’s Gambit” grew in popularity by 27.38% and received a lockdown score of 80.25 points. In addition to that, “The Crown” grew in popularity by an impressive 240% and received a lockdown score of 51 points.

So, you can comment on below us which Netflix show is your favorite during the lockdown? Check the tables above!

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