Netflix searching for gaming experts in its gaming expansion

Netflix searching for gaming experts in its gaming expansion

Netflix is reportedly looking for a new executive in the gaming expansion. But what are they really looking for? What is the reason for Netflix’s search for a gaming industry executive?

Netflix is trying to find its way into to gaming industry. The latest report published by The Information on that topic states that Netflix is looking for an executive in gaming. In this search, Netflix has already approached a few experienced names in the industry and offered them this role.

With the recent rise in the popularity of the gaming industry during the pandemic, more and more companies started to get interested in it. Of course one of the biggest entertainment Netflix is into it.

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Inside of the Netflix HQ

Netflix and the gaming industry

Being one of the biggest entertainment companies, Netflix has close relationships with the gaming industry now and then. We can see that by looking into the recently released and upcoming shows. Vİdeo game titles such as Dota, Castlevania, The Witcher, and Resident Evil brands meet with Netflix on this way to this expansion on video games.

Not only gaming-related, themed shows but Netflix also decided to publish its own games. Stranger Things and Stranger Things 3: The Game was published by Netflix with their collaboration with third-party developer studios.

This wasn’t the only game by Netflix. They also published interactive movies for their important titles such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. We can also take a look at Minecraft’s interactive movie to give an example on that topic.

There are still no official statements on Netflix’s way for the gaming industry but that might’ve happened because of too many reasons. The first one is the rising of the gaming industry during the pandemic as we’ve mentioned before. More and more people started to get interested in gaming. Other reasons can be the downfall in Netflix’s stocks and the fight between streaming platforms. With Disney+ having important titles in the industry, Netflix can try to find its way back in this fight.

In another report again published by The Information, Netflix is also trying other options for this expansion. One of the options is offering a subscription system. The possible subscription system can be similar to Apple‘s Apple Arcade but again there’s no official confirmation on this either.

Also, people from Netflix confirm that they want to do more interactive and gaming-related stuff that can confirm the report of The Informer.

Do you think that Netflix can succeed in the gaming industry? Can this attempt give Netflix the attention they’re looking for?

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