Netflix releases the first episode of Ridley Jones on YouTube

Netflix releases the first episode of Ridley Jones on YouTube

Netflix released the whole first episode of Ridley Jones on YouTube. Before all season arrived on the platform in July 2021 release on the streaming platform.

As we all know, Netflix values diversity – and I mean that in terms of content right now. We can see a wide range of movies or series that are vastly different from one another. Netflix gives us various content ranging from action titles to reality shows, or from documentaries to comedy series. Therefore, we can say pretty much everyone can find what they’re looking for in Netflix’s wide catalog.

The streaming platform seems dedicated to sustaining that with even more varied content. We’re talking about Ridley Jones right now, which is an animated kids series. It is scheduled to come to Netflix in July, but surprisingly, Netflix shared the first episode of it on YouTube. The episode is available right now on Netflix’s channel for kids, namely, Netflix Jr. You can check it out below.

What is the synopsis of Ridley Jones?

Ridley Jones is a new Netflix Originals animated comedy series that tells of a curious kid named Ridley, who tries to protect the Museum of Natural History’s treasures. Ridley and her friends are also dedicated to keeping the Museum’s magical secret safe: Everything comes alive at night. Here’s Netflix’s official description of Ridley Jones.

“Get ready to meet Ridley Jones! She’s swinging into action and sure to be your newest hero! As protector of a historic museum, it’s Ridley’s job to keep everyone that lives there safe. Together with her team and the help of her magic compass there’s no adventure they can’t tackle! When the museum comes alive the adventure begins!”

How many episodes does Ridley Jones have?

The series will debut on Netflix with six episodes. Each episode is roughly going to last 25 minutes. So, the whole thing takes around 150 minutes in total.

As we mentioned earlier, the first episode is already available for everyone on YouTube. So you can check it out before starting to watch all of the series. You’ll have to wait for Netflix to release it first, though.

Who are in the cast and crew of Ridley Jones?

Chris Nee is the executive producer of Netflix’s new animated series. He has experience working on other animated kids series such as Doc McStuffins and Vampirina. Here are the voice actors, and the characters they give their voice to.

  • Iara Nemirovsky as Ridley Jones
  • Bob Bergen as Mr. Peabody
  • David Errigo Jr. as Caribou
  • Ashlyn Madden as Butterflies
  • Ezra Menas as Fred
  • Carolina Ravassa as Mama Penguin
  • Tyler Shamy as Caribou

What is the release date of Ridley Jones on Netflix?

If you’re waiting for the whole season to drop on Netflix after watching the first episode, you still have a month to wait for. Netflix is going to release Ridley Jones on July 13th. However, you can always check out the first episode that’s available right now. Moreover, Netflix also shared the trailer of the first season, which can give you a glimpse of the whole season. Check it out below.

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